Microsoft HoloLens Dev Kit Preorders Have Been Amazing

Microsoft says that the preorder applications they have received for Microsoft HoloLens are impressive which is why they are very, very happy.

Microsoft HoloLens Dev Kits are going to be out in the first quarter of 2016 for a huge price tag of $3000; did you think that price might put off some of the buyers? Well, the Redmond giant doesn’t think so.

In fact, they are very, very happy with the number of preorder applications that they have received for the mixed reality head mounted display device.

The senior director of HoloLens program, Scott Erickson, has revealed that the developers are highly interested in the device. In an interview he said that the preorders for the dev kits are so many that the phone doesn’t stop ringing even now.

We’ve had a really good uptake. We’re not sharing numbers today, but we’re very very happy with the numbers. The interest in the HoloLens since we announced it on January 21st of this year has been — I mean, the phone doesn’t stop ringing.

While explaining the $3000 price, Erickson called Microsoft HoloLens “a fully untethered computer,” which is not just a peripheral like the VR solutions that have to be used alongside other high-end systems.

“It’s got processing power, it has optics, it has batteries,” he said before adding that “the amount of computing power and the amount of technology that’s in there, as a development edition — this is what we found was the right price.”

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