Microsoft Delays Dashboard Update for Xbox One

If reports are true it looks like problems with the New Xbox Experience preview may have resulted in the Xbox One update being delayed for a month.

For those looking to get the New Xbox Experience in November, you may be out of luck. It looks like the update may be postponed until December. are reporting that Microsoft have decided to postpone the update for one month (which will change the update from November to December). They also state that this was first reported by a member on their forum MONNE FULL TIME.

If this postponement is true it may come from the fact that there have been issues with some games and the new update. The fact that some of the games that are having problems are major new titles this will obviously be a concern, especially if they are game breaking errors.

When problems like these are found especially in the beta states, if the problem can’t be easily fixed then it is best to hold back the release. To rush it out without full support for games on the console could have a negative impact, and result in plenty of complaints from the players.

While there are plenty of people already using the preview version of the update they do so at their own risk. When the update goes live to all users though, this will obviously be where the problems become a major issue.

While the update may give functionality that gamers are looking forward to, I’m sure they would be far happier with a delay than for the release to degrade their enjoyment of the Xbox One. Backwards Compatibility may be something people are looking forward to, but not at the risk of breaking their favourite games.


If it is true that the update has been delayed are you happy to wait? Or would you rather have it released on time? Let us know your thoughts below.

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