Whoops! Mafia 3 Activation Keys Leave Some Unable To Play

If you’re the proud owner of one of the Mafia 3 Deluxe Edition copies, but can’t play the game, you may not be alone. According to a number of angry Amazon reviewers, who all left 1-star reviews on the game’s Amazon page, a number of Mafia 3 activation keys were not included with the PC version’s Deluxe Edition, so they can’t play.

The PC version of the game comes on six discs and requires a special Steam activation code for you to play it on your PC, which is located inside a manual that should have shipped with the game. Without the code, you can’t play the game, and so if you’re one of the people that didn’t get your activation key along with the manual that holds the game key, you’ve just wasted 80 dollars, unless you can get your activation key or want to refund the game.

You should be thankfully it’s not the 150 dollar Collector’s Edition.

Some of the copies of the game shipped without these manuals, leaving a number of angry gamers demanding refunds. Some of these gamers have ended up getting refunds, but others have said they need to send the package back before they can get that refund. Others that have purchased from Best Buy have been advised to ask for an exchange, or contact 2K.

There are so many angry gamers, in fact, that the 2K customer service account has said that they’re experiencing high server traffic that’s keeping them from responding to everyone quickly.

The problem with the Mafia 3 activation keys are only the most recent problem to hit the PC version of the game, such as when it was brought to 2K and Hangar 13’s attention that the framerate for the PC version was locked at 30 frames per second.

Hangar 13 has since said that they would be working on a solution.

If you’re one of the gamers that decided to cut out possible problems and bought the console edition, go have fun! You have no problems! But, hopefully, if you’re one of those Deluxe Edition owners missing the Mafia 3 activation keys, hopefully your problems will get addressed soon.