How To Get Madness Armor In Skyrim Using Madness Ore

You are going to need the madness ore and level 80 in Smithing.

Madness Armor is a rare armor set to attain in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Anniversary Edition: Saints & Seducers expansion has added this armor to the game. The armor is superior to Daedric and Dragonbone Armor in every aspect, even in weight. It has a sleek design with Gold and Brass colors. A man’s face is molded on the Chest Piece and the Shield. The design aspect does look a little similar to Dragonscale Armor.

Players can craft this armor, but there is a catch to it. Certain quests need to be fulfilled to unlock the armor’s requirements. To craft Madness Armor, players have to collect Madness Ore which is used to make Madness Ingots. In this guide, we will discuss how you can acquire Madness Ore in Skyrim and how you can use it to craft Madness Armor and even weapons.

How To Get Madness Ore in Skyrim

Before you approach the two merchants for Madness Ore, players have to complete the main storyline quest of the Saints & Seducers. Upon completion, players will receive a courier message titled “Note on New Wares.” This message indicates that Madness ore is now available for purchase from either of the two merchants. Ri’saad travels between Whiterun and Markarth and can be found there. Ahkari can be found between Dawnstar and Riften.

Once players have collected the ore, they will have to make sure that they have also collected the other items, which include ‘Ebony Ingots’ and ‘Leather Strips.’Ebony Ingots can be bought from the vendors, and Leather Strips can be crafted using leather on a workbench. Utilize the workbench once again and craft Madness Ingots from Madness Ore. Now, you are one step closer to attaining the Madness Armor.

Craft Madness Armor

Crafting the armor set shows the value of this Armor. To craft the Madness Armor set, players must be at level 80 of Smithing with ‘Ebony Smithing’ unlocked. Along with that, players need to complete a side quest given to players once they defeat Thoron during the quest “Restoring Order.” Players receive a note named “Note on Amber and Madness Ore.” In the note, players need to make their way to Mistwatch near Eastmarch.

mistwatch location skyrim

At Mistwatch, defeat the blacksmith ‘Evethra’ and loot her. Find her journal and read it. Once players complete the journal, they gain the ability to create Madness armor.

Now that you have completed the requirements to be able to craft Madness Armor, let’s look into the number of items needed to craft the armor set.

Armor PieceMadness IngotsEbony IngotsLeather StripsSkyrim Item ID

You can also craft madness weapons using madness ore, needing similar items for crafting with an addition of Firewood. Madness weapons are better than Dragonborn weapons, having greater stats in comparison. The only downside to these weapons is their weight, which is more than that of Dragonborn weapons.

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