Lords Of The Fallen Exacter Dunmire Questline

Complete the Exacter Dunmire questline to experience a journey of gaining hidden knowledge.

Exacter Dunmire is an NPC merchant in Lords of the Fallen. He gives you the task of collecting essential items to aid you in collecting proof of other people’s wrongdoings. In the beginning, he is in the Skyrest but later changes locations.

To start the questline, you first need to talk to him near the Vestige of Ethryg in Skyrest. Talk to him, and once he stops talking, rest or come back to Skyrest after a while. He will now be in a different location. From the Vestige point, go left (when facing the Vestige) and down the stairs into the balcony room where he’ll be.

Talk to him again, and this time, he’ll give you the task of finding the essential items that can act as proof regarding the malicious actions of Hallowed Sentinels.

Now, you have to find different objects that can be found in various regions. Here’s the list of how to get them all.

How to get Bloody Aspergillum

In Sanctuary of Baptism, start from the Vestige of Chabui and look for the arena for the boss fight. Climb up the ladder, cross over a narrow plank to the other side, and then come down by using the ladder. Go to the other end and climb down again.

This will lead you to the arena of the boss fight with Scourged Sister Delyth. After the fight, look for a fire altar and pick up the item Bloody Aspergillum in Lords of the Fallen.

Hallowed Sentinel Scripture

Start from the Vestige of Blind Agatha, go up the stairs, and follow the path until you reach the point with three pathways. Take the right one and keep going until you get the double arch. Take the stairs on the right and reach the outside ledge.

Look for a cage above a small platform on the edge of the platform below you. Hallowed Sentinel Scripture is inside this cage in The LOTF Exacter Dunmire questline.

Book of Sin

From the location of Hallowed Sentinel Scripture, keep going left until you reach the large bell. Take the ladder and land on the large platform with an umbral belly guarding the door. From here, take the bone bridge down to the next platform.

Cross the second bridge directly under the wooden platform and soulflay the umbral stigma. This will drop the Book of Sin.

Vanguard Barros’ Rosary

Start from the Vestige of Valade and take the path opposite to it. Cross the bridge and stick to the left wall until you reach a large fallen tree. Go straight ahead and stay on the wooden track with wooden arches on the way.

Turn to the Umbral realm and break through the branches covering the door on the left. Now, stick to the right side and keep going until you reach the area with wooden structures. Go inside the first one, and on the left corner, you’ll see the item, Vanguard Barros’ Rosary, on the ground.

Ravager Gregory’s Rosary

Go to Lower Calrath and come out from the building where the Vestige of Lydia is located. Follow the path and use the slope to get up on the rooftops. Cross the area filled with fire on both sides and then get in the tower made of stone.

Use an Umbral lamp to go through the locked door and up the wooden planks. Take a slight right turn, and you’ll see the item on a broken plank here. If you take the Rosaries back to Exacter Dunmire in the Lords of the Fallen, he’ll ask for the Dark Crusader’s Call as proof of the death of Harrower Dervla.

Dark Crusader’s Call

Go to Sunless Skien and find the mines that will take you to Revelation Depths. Keep going until you reach the area with stairs going down. Prepare yourself because if you pass through the door, the fight with Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight, will start.

Defeat her, and you’ll get the required item, Dark Crusader’s Call. Bring this to Exacture Dunmire again, and he’ll ask for the book called Umbral Tome.

Umbral Tome

Use the Vestige at the Skyrest to go to the Vestige of Hooded Antuli in Sunless Skien. Turn around and go through the tunnel opposite the vestige. Go up all the stairs at the end of this tunnel and jump on the wooden plank.

Then, turn to the umbral realm and pass through the metal wires to the stigma. Soulflay it, and Umbral Tome will drop. Now take the book to Exacter Dunmire in the Lords of the Fallen. He’ll directly change his location to Molhu’s room. This room is present on a slight right side from the vestige point. Go up the stairs, and he’ll be there.

Perception Wisp

In the Tower of Penance, go up the lift and drop down two levels by jumping or using the ladders. By the second ladder, look towards the other side that has a wooden wall. Jump over there using the platforms on your right and break the wall to reveal an Umbral Stigma. Soulflay it to get the Perception Wisp.

New Locations of Exacter Dunmire in LOTF

Now, take this last item to him in Molhu’s room and interact with him to talk. Once done, he’ll move to the new location. To find him, go to Vestige of Hooded Antuli in the Sunless Skien mines. Take the downward path and keep going by staying on the left side. Once you reach an opening, jump down. This will take some life, but you’ll survive.

Now, go through the right tunnel and follow the path until you meet Exacter Dunmire in LOTF, hiding in the shadows. During his talk, he’ll ask for an Umbral Scouring Clump. For this, you need to go back to Skyrest and buy it from Molhu, who is in the same room. Umbral Scouring Clump is for 50 Umbral Scoring, so make sure you have them.

Now go to the same arena where you fought with Harrower Dervla, the Pledged Knight, and look behind the statue by climbing up. Pick up the Dunmire’s Ring and Dunmire’s Rosary before interacting with the middle part.

Once you do interact with the statue, you’ll be teleported to Mother’s Lull. Talk to him, as this will be the last time you’ll see him alive.

Where to find Exacter Dunmire’s body

After the last conversation, you’ll only be able to find his body. Go to Vestige of Hooded Antuli, stay with the left side, and follow the path. Keep going until you reach a lit torch under which all the items that once belonged to Exacter Dunmire would be. These include:

  • Exacter Hat
  • Exacter Robes
  • Exacter Sleeves
  • Exacter Scripture
  • Exacter Dunmire’s Cane

This is the end of the quest, and you’ll also receive the achievement of completion of the quest, The Price of Knowledge in LOTF.

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