How To Get Charred Finger In Lords Of The Fallen

Ingredient for Crimson Rituals.

Lords of the Fallen’s newly trending multiplayer lets users invade other worlds, giving them an enticing experience to raid items. This prompts the players in a crimson ritual where the charred finger comes into play.

Crimson Ritual lets you duel other players. The ritual yields rewards that benefit the player. So what does the Charred Finger do and what is it?

I will guide you over what Charred finger does and where it is found. I will also extensively explain its uses and effects as well. So without any further delay let’s step right into this.

What are Charred Fingers in LotF?

Charred Fingers are consumable items that players can use in Lords of the Fallen. They have negligent weight and a unit cost of one.

Consuming the item does not provide health or haste to aid in your combat. Rather it only supplements the reward after Crimson Ritual.

This results in the player receiving more rewards than intended initially. This is the primary purpose of Charred Fingers in Lords of the Fallen.


How to get Charred Fingers in Lords of the Fallen

Charred Fingers are abundant in the lands of LotF. They can be found by looting enemies that you slay or the chests concealed in the caves.

Charred Fingers can also be bought from several places as well. However, to buy them you should either have vigor or severed hands.

Vigor can be earned by killing moveable things. On the other hand, Severed hands can only be earned by completion of Crimson Ritual.

If you have a high abundance of Vigor, you can buy Charred fingers from Pilgrim’s Perch and Skyrest Bridge. In Pilgrim’s Perch, you can find a merchant named ‘Damarose the Marked’. He will offer you Charred Fingers at the cost of 1000 vigor.

If you find yourself in Skyrest Bridge, you can refer to the merchant named ‘Tortured Prisoner’. This requires you to first free her from her cell. Then she will lend you the fingers at the cost of 1000 vigor and can even aid you in boss battles.

In case you have plenty of severed hands you can refer to the shrine of Adyr located in Fitzroy’s George. If you navigate the nearby area you will find a bunch of corpses that will lend you three free charred fingers. The shrine requires you to donate a total of 10 severed hands before it lends you charred fingers.

How to use Charred Fingers

To use a charred finger, simply equip and then consume it. Now try to locate the nearest vestige point you can find and scroll down to the multiplayer option as shown in the image below.

Select Slaughter Lambearer and wait for a few seconds. The time it takes depends on your internet connectivity.

You will then be directed into another player’s world with the crimson ritual set as active. Locate the player nearby and let the fight begin. Kill the player to complete the ritual.

This rewards you massive loot compared to the base loot you would have gotten if you killed the player without using charred fingers. This is the effect of Charred Fingers.

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