Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Anakin Skywalker Boss Guide

A guide covering the legendary battle against Anakin Skywalker in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga that spans across multiple phases.

Anakin Skywalker is the final boss in episode 3 of Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. You’ll face this boss multiple times during the campaign and across different phases. This guide has all the details which will help you defeat Anakin Skywalker in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

How To Defeat Anakin Skywalker in Lego Skywalker Saga

Obi-Wan will battle Anakin Skywalker as the main boss in Episode 3 of Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. The technique of throwing a lightsaber should be used. The boss’s first health bar can be effectively depleted by doing so. Anakin will block your attacks when you throw the weapon. The sword can either be used to hit him several times, or you can wait until he stops blocking the attacks.

Phase 1

Anakin uses force attacks against his opponents. Red lines and red circles indicate that he mainly relies on strong attacks. You need to dodge those attacks. The boss can also use force grips. Using the side directional buttons or swinging the left knob quickly will free you.

Defeat the boss by depleting their health bar. You must press the correct buttons simultaneously as Anakin pulls Obi-Wan to himself. Anakin’s first chase begins now. It is recommended that you remain on the main path.

C-3PO should be disassembled after you reach the closed door. Enter a small hole by controlling the upper part of C-3PO. To unlock the blue terminal, C-3PO must stand on the pressure plate.

Another option in the mission is to follow another path. The right edges and narrow passages need to be approached soon after you grapple with Anakin. Pulling the lever will open the hatch once you reach it via the linear route. You will reach the same area by taking both paths described above.

Phase 2

You will encounter Anakin for the second time in this area. Aside from a few nearby objects, there is nothing new about this fight. It will be easier to fight if you destroy some of them.

This time, the boss will run away to the lava-covered location. Getting close to him won’t be easy. There is a terminal at the end of the closed passage that C-3PO has to interact with. Obi-Wan will be able to cut a hole in the wall and unlock a path by using a lightsaber. Chase Anakin as long as you can. Crossing their swords once more, Obi-Wan and Anakin leap onto the rail.

Using the droids, you must unlock the following passage. You can reach the lower shelf by using the fan. There, you should kill weak enemies. After destroying the nearby objects, construct two buttons. The pressure plates for R2-D2 and C-3PO must be separated.

Take back control from Obi-Wan. Make your way slowly forward and finish the new scene where your lightsabers collide.

Phase 3

Anakin Skywalker will face you a third time after you jump to the lower platform. As you fight, you should keep your eyes open for the red circles on the ground, which show the location of large objects that have fallen. This game provides you with ample time to move carefully away from danger.

As you climb the vertical building, you will reach the top. Lava levels will increase, causing the building to sink slowly, but you will have sufficient time to climb to the top.

Climbing the tower is also relatively simple since you only need to push the jump button next to the protruding edges. Anakin will again be your opponent in a QTE battle at the top level.

Keep an eye on the levitating platforms and wait for them to stop moving. You will then be required to jump onto the large platform where the fourth stage of the battle with Anakin will begin. It is important to avoid the “red” attacks of the boss during this stage and the next two.

Droids will assist Obi-Wan at the end of the level. To reach the console, you must jump between the levitating platforms. As a result, Anakin and Rey will begin their fifth battle.

R2-D2 must be controlled to complete the ring mini-game when approaching the terminal. Now we have just one more fight left with Anakin. Episode 3’s cutscene ends when the boss’s red health bar is depleted.

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