Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rot Eater Boss Guide

On Kena’s journey to save the people of the village and find the truth about the traumatic incident that happened to her father, she will be put against many difficult trials. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to defeat the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rot Eater Boss.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rot Eater Boss

Rot Eater is arguably the easiest fight in the game. Kinda like Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls when you finally find the Stormbreaker behind the throne.

The boss fight against Rot Eater will only take five minutes of your precious time if you use its ultimate weakness against it.

Rot Eater Weaknesses

The main weakness of the Rot Eater boss is the Rot Cloud that you get before the boss fight. Rot Cloud is the reason why the Rot Eater boss appears in the first place and Rot Cloud is the solution to the boss fight.

You can activate Rot Cloud by using your Forest Tear ability. One single round of Rot Cloud will take away a third of the boss’ health.

After that, there is a cooldown on the Forest Tear ability. Once the cooldown is finished, activate the Forest Tear ability to use Rot Cloud again.


During the period when Rot Cloud is not active, take that time to take out the flying moths that the boss spawns. They don’t deal that much damage to you but still, it’s better to clear out the field while you idle about.

How to Defeat Rot Eater

Rot Eater does not perform any attack other than shooting a giant blob of spit at you.

When the boss is about to shoot at you, it will lift its head backward and the neck will begin to glow red. Be ready to dodge the attack when you see that the boss is lifting its head.

Rot Eater also uses a melee attack when you get close to it by swinging its head. It won’t deal that much damage to you but it is better to dodge anyway.

Activate the Rot Cloud, shoot the flying moths, use the Rot Bomb to slow the boss, and dodge the shooting explosives. By performing all of this, you will be able to defeat the Rot Eater boss in no time.