Is PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 Making Some Games Unplayable?

After PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 some of the games have been rendered unplayable! So far Sony has not issued a fix.

We have picked up reports from Reddit and other forums that after installing PlayStation 4 Update 3.0 their console has stopped playing certain games. The original reports were about disc-based games only but other affected users are coming in claiming that the issue is prevalent among certain digitally downloaded games as well.

Here’s an excerpt from what one of the users experienced:

Since updating this morning, my system refuses to start disc based games past the game’s initial boot screen where returning to the home screen is disabled. The only way out of this hang is to pull the plug because if I use the power menu and shut down it will sit there infinitely with the flashing white LED and do nothing. Download games work fine, discs do not. Rebuilt the database now three times with zero results, reinstalled the update now four times with zero difference.

Since the issues is relatively new, there is nothing from the officials about it. However, reading through the multiple user comments on different forums we have picked up that uninstalling and re-installing the affected game might actually help when you are talking about installations.

However, the same user who made the comment above says that “I’d rather avoid initializing and having to spend three days re-downloading everything on my crap internet connection,” and I am sure many of you will agree with this.

The only other option right now is to wait for the firmware update that would follow PlayStation 4 Update 3.0. I am sure Sony would be working on this.

Anyhow, have you experienced something similar? Lets figure out how widespread this issue is.

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