How to Get Grass Seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2 – How to Fertilize Your Fields

Grass Seeds are one of the *Crafting Materials* that you need to collect in the Dragon Quest Builders 2. The item is important in creating different things in the game like Fields. To turn your field green and fertile, you need Worm Food but in order to craft that you need Grass Seeds, Wheat, and Night Soil.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Grass Seeds

Grass Seeds can cover four tiles at once in smooth grass which means that your Spoiled Soil can now be turned into a meadow.

Your land becomes available for you to use however you want it! You can *either build houses* for your townspeople or you can farm here.

To turn your land into a farm, you need villagers to put crops there and for that, you need to put a Scarecrow on the land. Put a Scarecrow and interact with it and pick any crop that you have grown.

Get Grass Seeds

You need to go to the south of the island and you will reach Furrowfield Island. Go to the south side of the bog region of the island. In this location, you are going to come across the Muddy Hands who are the enemies that will attack you.

Be careful as these enemies come at you in packs and it gets difficult here. You are accompanied here by Malroth who will help you in defeating these enemies. Each enemy that you defeat drops a Grass Seed.

Worm Food

Above I told you about Worm Food that we require in order to turn the land green and fertile. Once you have defeated Muddy Hands, head northwest from that sight with five Grass Seeds along with you.

We have to find a Goblin Archer who needs us to sow the Grass Seeds around him. Sow the five Grass Seeds around him and he will grant you with the Worm Food for your land.