How To Get Horse Armor In Skyrim

Your horses in Skyrim should have armor as well.

Horse armor was first introduced all the way back in the year 2006 in Elder Scrolls back in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as a paid DLC which sparked a major controversy that led to a trend of many games making more and more DLC content instead of adding them into the main game. As of November 2021, Bethesda decided to add the Horse Armor for free in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Obtaining Horse Armor in Skyrim is pretty simple. Players need to visit a Stable and talk to the Horse-trader. You’ll get a dialogue option if you already own a horse: “I’d like to Armor my horse”. From there, follow the dialogue options and pay for the armor you like, and you’ll receive the armor.

Horse Armor in Skyrim isn’t just for aesthetic purposes as it will provide protection to your horse. However, you can’t equip both sadd and armor at same time in Skyrim. If you try to equip a saddle over horse armor, the armor will automatically be removed. There is a also a small cost for equipping and removing horse armor and saddles in Skyrim so you should keep that in mind as well.

Creation Club Horse Armors in Skyrim

If you don’t find the horse armor in Skyrim, then you are likely to have yet to download it from Creation Club first. When you boot up the game you first visit the creation club and from the list, you have two horse armors available. The first being the Elven Horse Armor (25 weight) and the Steel Horse Armor (35 weight). They are the same ones also available back in Oblivion days as well.

Elven Horse Armor

Elven Horse armor skyrim

Steel Horse Armor

steel horse armor skyrim

Best Horse Armor Mods in Skyrim

If you are not satisfied with just two of the vanilla horse armors available in Skyrim, then the best place to go is the Community mods. We are recommending our favorite Horse Armor mod, which will have a few more armors for you to use.

Horse Armors SSE

Horse Armors SSE replaces the horse in each city with an armored horse. For instance, in the city of Whiterun, the horse would have the Nordic Steel Horse Armor, or Windhelm would have the Ebony Horse Armor. In total, this armor adds up to six different horse armor. We also recommend this pack if you’re seeking more armor options but, at the same time, don’t want to get an overwhelming amount of them.

horse armors sse skyrim mod

Craftable Horse Barding

Craftable Horse Barding mod is not just restricted to Horse Armor, but they also add several Horse Saddles as well. Together, this mod comes with a pack of a total of 25 saddles and armors. Rather, we also highly recommend this mod over the Horse Armors SSE since it also contains all the armors from this pack as well.

craftable horse armor barding
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