Horizon Forbidden West Signal Spike Walkthrough

This guide will take you through the stages of completing the signal spike walkthrough in Horizon Forbidden West.

Signal Spike is one of many side quests that you can complete for bonus rewards and experience in Horizon Forbidden West.

In this side quest, you will be tasked to help an Oseram woman recover an Old World transmission. Helping her will be worth it because you will be receiving a powerful weapon in the end.

The following guide will walk you through the Signal Spike side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Unlock Signal Spike

To begin the Signal Spike side quest in HFW, you should go to the west side of Camp Nowhere. Over there will be a lady who will be asking for help and by rescuing the woman the quest will begin.

Aloy receives a Signal Spike from Minda, a woman discovered in Camp Nowhere, in which she sees Aloy assisting an Oseram woman in recovering an Old-World transmission.

A woman is attempting to flee the camp, but it is becoming incredibly hard for her. Aloy has been tasked with supporting her. You’ll have to defend the woman from the Scroungers and Spikesnouts who encircle her.

Aim for the components on their backs and tails to reveal more weak points. Go check on the woman once they’ve been vanquished.

The fugitive appears to be deciphering a message using a radio receiver. Due to a lack of signal strength, she is unable to convey the complete message to the radio.

How To Complete Signal Spike

Follow the cables

Aloy is on her own to scale the spike and analyze the signal. Follow the cables to find out where you should go. Use your Focus to direct the route if you can’t figure out the path.

Return to Silga and inform her that the message you’re hearing is an Old-World communication that was transmitted during a conflict.

Search the signal

It’s been determined to triangulate the signal’s position at three different locations. The Tenakth tower in Scalding Spear is recommended by Silga.

Scalding Spear, north of Silga’s headquarters, will be your first destination. A Tallneck’s head stands in the center of Scalding Spear, and you may climb it from near where you encountered Yarra in The Wound in the Sand.

Visit the Mountain

You may Reacquire the Signal at the top and then glide back down. Go right and climb the mountain steps from the little Tenakth camp at your base.

There will be a tree you can push over to help you get across.  As you climb higher, you’ll come across several Leaplashers. Continue going up once you’ve dealt with them.

Regain the signal once you’ve reached the topmost peak. You’ll obtain the exact location of the signal’s origin at this point.

Kill the machines

You’ll have to deal with several machines at the signal’s source, including Lancehorns, Ravagers, and an Acid Bellowback. Because they are fliers, utilize your Vertical traps or your Spikethrower if you have them. They are vulnerable to fire, so use whatever Fire Ammo you have on them.

Before diving underwater, there’s a wall to the right that you may pry apart. Return to Silga to finish the side quest by looting the box for the components.

Signal Spike Side Quest Rewards

Once you’ve completed making the weapon and spoken with Silga, the mission will end instantly. Players will get 5,330 XP, two skill points, and the Spinthorn Spike Thrower weapon for finishing the mission.

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