Hollow Knight Spells Locations Guide – How To Unlock, Tips

With the help of our Hollow Knight Spells Locations Guide, you'll be able to learn all about finding all the different spells in the game.

Spells and Abilities are not that different in how they are unlocked but the primary purpose of the Spells is to deal damage. In order to learn how to use all of the Spells that are found in the game, you will need this Hollow Knight Spells Locations Guide.

Our Hollow Knight Spells Locations Guide will tell you all about how the Spells in the game are unlocked and how you can use them for your benefit.

Hollow Knight Spells Soul Interaction

The soul is the main ingredient for using your Abilities. Soul pretty much acts as fuel for your Spells and you can use the Soul Vessels that you will find in the game to store additional amounts of Soul. The Soul Meter can be used either to heal yourself or to deal damage to your enemies.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the Spells that are in the game. We will tell you what is the advantage of using a Spell and then tell you how is it that you can unlock it. Here are all of the Spells in Hollow Knight.


Focus is the primary spell that you have. It is unlocked for you by default. Focus is used to repair your shell and heal the damage that you have taken.

Vengeful Spirit

This spell basically makes a spirit which flies forward and burns all of the enemies in its wake. You can unlock it by talking to the Snal Shaman at the Ancestral Mound in Forgotten Crossroads.

Desolate Dive

This spell strikes the ground with a lot of force. Of course, it also uses a fair bit of soul and it destroys the fragile structures that are nearby. You can get this spell by defeating the Soul Master in the City of Tears.

Howling Wraiths

This spell is quite simple. It blasts your enemies with screaming Soul. Unlock it right beside the entrance of Queen’s Gardens in the Overgrown Mound in Fog Canyon.

Shade Soul

This ability makes a shadow that flies and burns enemies, quite similar to Vengeful Spirit. In order to get it, purchase the Elegant Key from the Sly in Dirtmouth and then unlock the door at Soul Sanctum in the City of Tears.

Descending Dark

This spell strikes the ground and destroys foes as well as destroying all the fragile structures nearby. Get it from the corpse of the Snail Shaman at Crystal peek in Crystallised Mound.

Abyss Shriek

Abyss Shriek blasts enemies with screaming Soul and Shadows. This is unlocked when you use Howling Wraith on the pedestal found towards the bottom left of The Abyss.

That is all we have for our Hollow Knight Spells Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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