Should You Be A Witch Or Wizard In Hogwarts Legacy?

When creating a character, you might wonder whether to choose a Witch or Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. There are a few differences to know of.

Hogwarts Legacy offers a pretty cool character customization system. As you start the game, you will make a character and customize it as you see fit. There are a lot of options in this case, including your hair, body type, the pitch of your voice, clothes, etc.

Sadly, the system lacks facial features and facial hair options, so you don’t have a lot of freedom with that. Most of these options, however, aren’t permanent and can be changed later on in the game.

Your gender, however, is set in stone and cannot be changed later on, bringing in the witch vs wizard debate. That said, it would make sense to say that you should think carefully about whether you should choose to be a Witch or a Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Witch and Wizard differences

Whether you choose to be a Witch (female) or a Wizard (male) in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t really matter because there is no notable difference – neither mechanically nor story-wise.

The pitch of your voice and your body type will vary, but there will be no difference in how others treat you despite that.

The story doesn’t change at all regardless of your choice, but there will be a slight difference in terms of gameplay mechanics. The main thing here will be accessibility to a few places like the dormitory or the bathrooms.

Witches have more access compared to wizards because they can access the wizards’ dormitory and bathroom as well as their own. If wizards try to access the witches’ dormitory, however, the stairs turn into a slide, denying them access.

That said, whether you should choose to become a Witch or a Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy is completely up to you. The witch vs wizard choice comes without any real consequences, and none is better than the other.

After you’ve selected your gender, you’ll have further customization options for your character. You have a lot of options, including clothes, and hair.

After you’ve made your character and hopped into the game, you can still change your attire at the barbershops or beauticians, but cannot change your gender – that is locked throughout the game.

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