HBO Reportedly Working On Bloodborne TV Series

Bloodborne continues to be shadowed by different rumors with a new one claiming a live-action television series to be in the works.

According to a report by ThatHashtagShow earlier today, anonymous sources close to the matter have confirmed Sony Interactive Entertainment and HBO to be bringing the fictional gothic city of Yharnam to the silver screen.

Bloodborne, provided that rumors are accurate, remains in early development as a limited run television series. Its first season will feature eight episodes in total where the protagonist will endure all sorts of dangers before concluding each episode with a climatic boss fight from the game.

Sony is said to be a bit disappointed with an early version of the script and has been re-writing some elements, as well as collaborating with HBO; particularly where the boss fights are concerned.

HBO has apparently also already started searching for a lead actor to play the protagonist and who should have a strong background in doing his own stunts.

The said Bloodborne television series remains to be confirmed officially. Hence, fans should not place too much hope in the project, at least not until more evidence surfaces. It goes without saying that with the number of rumors going about, there is little reason to start celebrating right now.

Besides the newly rumored television series, Bloodborne has been heavily rumored to be coming to PC as well as getting remastered for PlayStation 5. Neither of the two has been confirmed by Sony at the time of writing.

That being said, with Sony partnering with HBO on the new Last of Us television series, there could be a likelihood of Sony wanting to bring more of its PlayStation franchises to television screens. While fans continue to pray for Bloodborne 2, a live-action television adaptation could fill that void in the coming years.

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