Half-Life 3 Won’t be a Virtual Reality Game, Valve Confirms

Half-Life 3 – if there will ever be one – will not be a virtual reality game, a Valve employee has confirmed.

There is hardly anyone at Valve who speaks about Half-Life 3 in any capacity, but Chet Faliszek who is a video game writer and Valve employee was recently at EGX to speak about virtual reality. During a question and answer session; Faliszek was asked whether Half-Life 3 will be a virtual reality game or not. In response, he simply said, “no”.

He was again asked the same question which he took as a jape, but again went with “I said ‘no'” response.

There is hardly anyone who knows the current state of the game, whether it is in development or not, and whether it will ever be developed or not; but over-optimistic people will surely come up with, “hey, at least he didn’t deny his existence.” Well, sure bro!

May be Valve should listen to people at Naughty Dog and hand them over the license to Half-Life since they badly want to work on the game and put an end to the entire Half-Life 3 fiasco once and for all! To read up more, head over to the post!

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