GTA Online Moodymann Missions Guide

In this GTA Online Moodymann Missions guide, we have explained in detail how to complete the Moodymann missions in GTA Online.

In this GTA Online Moodymann Missions guide, we have explained how to complete the Moodymann missions in GTA Online.

In the latest GTA Online update, the Cayo Perico series of missions came, which has introduced the music of several DJs into the game.

GTA Online Moodymann Missions

Some of these DJs added in the Cayo Perico update of GTA Online also have standalone missions associated with them. One of such DJs is Moodymann, who has a couple of missions of his own.

In order to play these missions, you need to own a Penthouse at the Diamond Casino; otherwise you will not be able to start this mission storyline. The base price of a penthouse at the Diamond Casino is $1.5 million.

If you own the penthouse, you will be contacted by Tom Connors via text while you are free roaming. From this text, you can choose to start the Moodymann series of missions.

Mission#1: Collect Moodymann’s Order

When you accept the mission, you will get a call from Moodymann which will start the first of the 2 Moodymann missions.

In this mission, you will have to collect Moodymann’s order from Davis Mega Mall. Head to the Mega Mall which will get marked on the map when you start the mission.

When you reach the marker location, find a scooter that will be parked in the Mega Mall area. Now, you will have to drive the scooter back to the Casino.

Park the scooter in the designated marker to complete the first Moodymann mission. As a reward, you will get a Moodymann Tee and 25,000 Casino Chips for helping out Moodymann.

Mission#2: Retrieve Moodymann’s Itali RSX.

In this mission, you will have to help Moodymann retrieve his Itali RSX car, which has been stolen. When you start the mission, you will have to go and pick up Moodymann from Vespucci beach.

Head to the marked location on the map and use the horn to make hi enter your vehicle.

Once Moodymann is with you, head to the marked location in Downtown Los Santos for the next part of the mission.

When you reach the location, Moodymann’s Itali RSX will race out of Benny’s and will attempt to flee. You will have to chase them down and neutralize the driver and the passenger in Moodymann’s car.

When that is done, enter the Itali RSX with Moodymann and take the car to his parking garage located at the Diamond Casino.

As a reward for helping out Moodymann, you will receive access to the DJ Booth when Moodymann is playing, 25k Casino chips, and $2.5m price for the Itali RSX. You will also unlock the Helping Hands reward.

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