Garden Warfare 2 Golden Gnomes Locations Guide

Garden Warfare 2 Golden Gnomes are statue collectibles in Plants vs Zombies: GW2 that are scattered all over the place. There are 54 golden gnomes in total in the game, and collecting them all grants you access to the Chamber of the Gnomes with plenty treasure, rare items, and a hidden area along with Gnomore! achievement or trophy.

Garden Warfare 2 Golden Gnomes Locations

Garden Warfare 2 Golden Gnomes are distributed across the singleplayer and multiplayer modes in the following manner:

  • 14 in Backyard Battleground (campaign)
  • 2 per Ops and Multiplayer map
  • 6 in every Turf Takeover multiplayer map

Backyard Battleground

Gnome 1
After completing the first Plant Quest to open the garage door, you can find one on the table next to the car.

Gnome 2
Once you have the orb to open Agent Orange’s base, head there and find the gnome on the ground floor beneath the ramp to Agent Orange.

Gnome 3
Once you have an orb to open Agent Corn’s base, head over there. Complete all of his quests and he will open up a gate to a treasure chest. Follow the small path to the right of the chest to find a gnome.

Gnome 4
Head into Agent Rose’s base once you have an orb to open the portal. Shoot the tile with the mushroom on it to the right of the fountain to reveal the gnome.

Gnome 5
Head to the soccer (football) field scoreboard near the plant’s base. Try to jump around and behind the scoreboard, then use a Peashooter with the hyper ability to jump onto the pole to find the gnome.

Gnome 6
From the scoreboard gnome, head to the right of the scoreboard (while behind it) towards the docks. Jump down the open fence to the pipe below, and check in the pipe to find the gnome.

Gnome 7
Find a garden gnome on the left side of the zombie base past the multiplayer portal near a tombstone.

Gnome 8
Head to the sewers as a foot soldier. Head to the upper catwalk and then look right to find a broken vent and a large pipe with a ledge. Use the Foot Soldier’s rocket jump to get to the ledge.

To the left is the gnome.

Gnome 9
In the sewers there’s a clam that talks about snow-globes from the second entrance, there’s a path that leads to a dead end. To the right side is a barred door with a gnome behind it.

Gnome 10
After completing all the Plant Character Quests from the three agents, you’ll find a secret area beneath the garage. Follow the path through a waterfall and look for a tile with a mushroom left of the entrance.

Shoot the tile to reveal a hidden gnome.

Gnome 11
Head to Super Duper Brainz’s base as a Zombie once you have an orb to open up the portal. A garden gnome is hidden behind Super Duper Brainz near a statue.

Gnome 12
Go to Imp and Z-Mech’s base once you have an orb to open their portal. Check the right side of the room to find the gnome.

Gnome 13
Head to Ol’ Deadbeard’s base once you have an orb for his portal. Check near his bead to find a gnome.

Gnome 14
Once you have completed all Zombie Character Quests, Dr. Patient will open up a portal to a new area. Instead of going inside the portal, jump above the portal and leap to the other end with a Foot Soldier to find the gnome.

Multiplayer Maps

Zen Peak
Search around Zen Peak to find the bridge that has a waterfall next to it.

Go to the edge of the waterfall, turn around to face the bridge, then slowly make walk backwards till you fall. While falling, press forward and you’ll land in a cave behind the waterfall. Collect the gnome here.

The second gnome is found in the far corner of the map. There are a few rock ledges that can be climb up to a small tree. Behind the tree is the gnome.

Sandy Shores
In Sandy shores, while you’re facing the water, head to the right side to find a ledge above a door that has a pot on it. Shoot the pot to reveal the gnome. Jump to the ledge and collect it.

The second gnome in this map can be found by going to the river here. Once you reach the river, stand in front of the boat on the other side.

Turn around to the right and look up to a switch on the tower near the trees. Shoot the tower, and wait for a small boat with a gnome in it to float towards you on the river.

Time Park
In Time Park, head to Rome and immediately look to the left. Shoot the tile with the mushroom on it (concealed behind some vines) to reveal the hidden gnome behind.

The second one can be found in Zgypt. There’s a drain with water leaking out from it on the floor. Check inside the mouth of the drain to find the gnome.

Z-Tech Factory
Head over to Z-Tech Partz, but instead of going into the portal, look to the right of it to find a gnome in a shelf. After acquiring the first gnome here, head left and forward from the portal till you reach the overlook.

There’s a floating ship in the sky to the left. There’s a building with a Z below it. On the upper part of the building is a switch you can shoot. Do so and wait for a balloon to bring the gnome to you.

Boney Island
In Boney Island, head over to the area where there is a waterfall in the distance. Check the cliff to the right of this waterfall to find a switch behind a palm tree. Shoot this switch and the gnome will appear in front of you.

The second gnome in this map is located near the lack. Jump down to the shores and carefully track back behind the large rock to find the gnome nestled in a small nook inside the rock. Be careful not to fall in the water.

Head to the center then left through the doorway next to the pile of rubble. You’ll appear in a courtyard with an overlook above the river.

To the left is a vault that needs to be opened with a switch. The switch is hidden on the side of a wall above the water. Jump off the edge off the map and shoot the tile before you hit the water to open this vault.

The other gnome is on the opposite side of the map. Search for a large white statue of a head. Inside its mouth is the gnome.

Frosty Creek
Head over to the sawdust mill in the area. Stick to the left side till you find a wrecked pickup truck. Check the trunk of the pickup to find the gnome.

After collecting the first gnome, head straight up to the river. Look to the left to spot a bridge. There’s a switch on the bridge; shoot it and wait for a log with a gnome on it to sail towards you.

Luna Landing
Head to the corner of the map to find a crashed drill ship popping out of the wall. The gnome is inside the cockpit of the vehicle.

Head inside the large building in this map. Go up the stairs here and look at the wall shelves. One of these (the horizontal ones) has a switch tile on it. Shoot this tile to open the door at the bottom of the stairs which has the gnome in it.

Turf Takeover Maps

Head to the main road in Zomburbia and go into the yard of the house with the orange vehicle parked outside its garage. Check behind the tree to find a gnome.

Now, the first time you capture and area, head across to the Engineer’s house (one with all the metallic doors). Shoot the fence on the left of his house to reveal a switch. Shoot the switch to open the metallic garage door. The gnome is right on the table.

Capture the next graveyard, then head to the Zompark. Go to the far left of the park till you find a cage with scorpions. Next to scorpion cage is a broken cage. Head inside and check on the left behind the plant to find the gnome.

After acquiring the gnome next to the scorpion cage, turn around and go past the graveyard and to the docks to the left. Adjacent to the boat is a drain on the wall on the other side of the water.

Jump all the way to it and collect the gnome inside. After this, find the Bat Frat house. Head midway through the broken wall and look at the slightly cracked wall on the left. Shoot it several times to find the gnome.

Capture the final graveyard, then head to the library once you receive the ‘Ruin Zombie Party’ objective. Fall down into the library through the hole and look at the shelves to the left. On the left side of one of the shelves is a switch.

Shoot it and the other one will disappear, revealing a secret area that has lots of gold and a gnome.

Great White North
Capture the first graveyard, then move forward and find a snowman on the side of a narrow pathway. Shoot the snowman to find the gnome.

Capture the next graveyard, then head over to the third graveyard and look for the huge face structure with a gaping mouth. Head inside and blow the wall there to find the gnome.

To the right of the fourth base is a bridge that goes over the frozen river. Go under the bridge and break the ice wall on the right side underneath the bridge to find the gnome.

Immediately after getting the gnome under the bridge. Follow the river to the lake. Jump on the small ice island in the lake. Look to the left to find a switch on some rocks. A gnome will pop up right in front of you.

Now head to the Windy Pass. Climb the mountain pass towards the fifth base and stick to the left side of the map until you spot a crate next to two frozen trees. Position yourself near the ledge to the left of the trees and look below to spot another ledge with a green crate.

Jump down to the ledge and enter the cave here to find the gnome. Head over to the fifth graveyard (past that reference crate). As you approach the graveyard, turn right to the bunch of stacked crates and stand near the edge.

Keep your eyes peeled and spot a sneakily hidden tile on the left side straight. Shoot it, then look to the left to find the gnome on a frozen rock.

Moon Base Z
The first one is right at the start. Go down a bit but keep your eyes on the canyons to the right. Look up and shoot the switch tile on the dark rock above. The gnome will land as a meteorite on a rock.

Capture the first base and head into the building up ahead. Once you enter, look to the left to spot a switch next to a door in the corner. Shoot it, then jump on the pile of rubble to grab the gnome.

Capture the second base and continue on to the third base. Walk along the left side of the map as you go forward and you’ll eventually come across a large futuristic type of windmill with arms.

Go to the edge and look below to find a platform which you can jump down to and grab the gnome. The fourth gnome is located near the fourth base. Check the large green mineral grinder machine to spot a cart in front of it. Look at the left (handle) side of the cart to find the gnome.

Immediately after grabbing the fourth gnome, head over to the massive drilling machine and walk along the edges of the walkway while looking down. You’ll spot a hole with some green crystals sticking out. Take a leap of faith and jump down into the cave.

There’s a switch on the wall here. Shoot it to reveal the tunnel that leads to a portal. To the left of the portal is the gnome. The sixth gnome is nearly impossible without super speed and zero gravity.

After the fifth base, head to the right and jump up on the large purple pipes. Look at the cliffs on the far side to spot the gnome. You’ll need to make a perfect boost and jump to land on that platform to grab the gnome.

Seeds of Time
At the start, head to the right and find a shop filled with plants and zombies toys. The gnome is also sitting on a shelf along with the toys.

Now head to the Zgypt area just before the third base. Immediately after going through the Zgypt portal, head left and jump on the roof of the middle section. There’s a gift shop to the right that has the gnome in it on a shelf with toys.

Now head to Azia and go towards the rollercoaster on the left side of the map. Cross the bridge near it and stop at the doorway. Look above the doorway to find a switch. Shoot it then stand in the middle of the bridge facing towards the rollercoasters.

A gnome will come floating on a cloud. Now leave Azia and head to Rome. Continue past the waterfall and to the central statue. To the right of the statue is a small doorway with a waterfall. Behind this waterfall is a switch.

Shoot it, then jump up top to the walkway and grab the gnome from the clothes shop. Immediately after getting the previous one, turn left and go straight. You can spot the gnome on the wall above some small trees, slightly covered by some vines.

The sixth and final gnome is located at the sixth base, and can only be acquired by playing as a plant. Get into the cannon and shoot yourself to the left side of the castle. Head out and stick to the left till you find a forge. The gnome is right next to it.

Chamber of the Gnomes
After collecting all 54 gnomes in the game, head to the Chamber of the Gnomes in the sewer to open the large door in the back. Collect all the rewards from the treasure chests, then look up to find a switch above the doorway.

Shoot the switch to open the wall behind the chest, and you’ll find a hidden room. Look to the right and you’ll find what is supposed to be the final Snow Globe!

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