Here’s How Forza Horizon 4 Weather Will Work When The Game Releases

One of the big reveals that was at Forza Horizon 4’s appearance at E3 2018 is that the game will have dynamic weather that will change as you play the game. Now, Playground Games has gone into detail on what we can expect to see from it when the game releases.

Dynamic weather will be changing up the Forza Horizon gameplay in a number of ways, such as road conditions, lighting, and more. While you might drive well on a sunny day, rain or snow might cause you to start slipping and sliding all over the road, forcing you to drive more carefully.

The Forza Horizon 4 weather will change every week, and it’ll do it for every player as well, so whether you’re playing solo or in multiplayer races, you’ll have to be constantly adjusting to how road conditions change and how they affect your car. The game will also be adding in weekly championship events, so if you want to try and win those you’d better be able to know how to drive on a rainy or snowy road.

However, the snowy season won’t be all bad, and the summer season won’t be all good. Summer rains will muddy the ground, making it soft and difficult to steer in if you’re sent off the road at any point. In contrast, the winter snow will harden the ground and make it easier to drive on, though the roads might still be slippery.

Along with the weekly championships, the game would also constantly be putting out challenges and rewards, so you won’t be longing for content very much as you play through Forza Horizon 4’s many races and modes, whether they’re singleplayer or multiplayer.

You’ll be able to see the Forza Horizon 4 weather for yourself when the game comes out on October 2 for the Xbox One and PC.