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Forza Horizon 3 Trailer Leaked, Promises 60 FPS With Stunning Visuals

Forza Horizon 3 trailer has been leaked before its proper release date on E3. The trailer also revealed the game’s release date and what systems it will be on, along with a car, the Lamborghini Centenario.

The NeoGAF user in question, named Ekim, also revealed a number of other details about Forza Horizon 3. Some of these details included that the game would have 60 frames per second as its PC framerate (console players will likely, as always, be stuck at 30 frames per second), along with that the game would have good track design and amazing-looking landmarks.

The actual Forza Horizon 3 trailer itself promises a lot as well. These include things like having over 200 hours’ worth of gameplay to having twice as many cars available for players to use as Forza Horizon 2, which came out back in 2014.

The trailer also promises a September 2016 release date, along with the Lamborghini Centenario.

There’s also a wide variety of tracks, ranging from a city to race through, to the countryside with fields and hot air balloons in the air, to cliffside roads that give way to epic views.

The trailer, admittedly, does look very nice, with a lot of good water physics, beautiful environments and, of course, fancy cars. With luck it will look just as good on the platforms that the game will be releasing for, in this case the Xbox One and Microsoft’s Windows 10 PC platform exclusively.

The Forza Horizon 3 trailer also promises a variety of radio stations for players to listen to while they’re driving, but whether there will be more offroad racing in the game remains to be seen. Either way we’ll have to wait and see if the game is elaborated on more when E3 comes around next week at the Microsoft conference.

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