Fire Emblem: Three Houses Certifications Guide

Our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Certifications Exams Guide will help you learn all about giving exams and increasing your Professor Level.

The primary way of Class Switching in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is accomplished through Certification Exams. You can start using this function after reaching Level 5. In FE: TH, it’s crucial to think about your character’s class to plan their journey to obtaining the potent Master Classes.

In this guide, we will cover each and everything related to Certification Exams in FE: Three Houses.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Certification Exams

Certification Exams in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are a compulsory trial for the students to clear if they want to go to different classes. You may take one of these examinations each week on your rest days.

When a character passes a test, they are granted free accessibility to that class, which they can change into from the Inventory screen at the start of every week or even during the fight preparation phase. You can choose ‘Certifications’ as your activity on the rest day to take a Certification Exam.

The student must receive remarkable levels in the class key skills to clear them with a greater possibility. In lances as well as horsemanship, respectively. The cavalier test can be cleared by minimum C and D levels. Every character in the game can switch to any of the available classes.

When a character approaches Level 5, the Certification exams are accessible, which eventually enables the characters to take tests for the following starter classes.’

  • Myrmidon: The Sword Skill will have to be at D or above for this starter class.
  • Soldier: The Lance Skill will have to be at D or above for this starter class.
  • Fighter: For this starter class, the Bow, Brawl, or Axe Skill will have to be at D or above.
  • Monk: For this starter class, Faith or Reason must be at D or above.

Before giving the beginner level test, an item known as a Beginner Seal is needed. Seals are gotten as remunerations in dueling rivalries in spare time or by completing certain missions. You may also find seals at the Market place.

The highest-class tier is master; therefore, remember that a Master Seal is needed to take the test.

Improvement of Class

Character Level Unlocked Class Tier
5 Beginner
10 Intermediate
20 Advanced
30 Master

For a student to pass their certification, they must meet the required skill level for a specific stat.

Before taking an exam, a page will be displayed which will show you how likely your student is to pass, the skill requisite for passing, and the class description.

Do note that if you do not have the necessary skill requirements, you can still take the exam, but with much lower odds of passing.

Education is the main source through which students can increase their skill level. As a Professor, you have a task to increase the skills of your students by giving them tuition.

Students can likewise be encouraged to study individually with the Set Goals professor command.

They should recommend aims they desire to follow that are accepted and rejected by you. Guiding is only performed on weekdays; therefore, you should arrange your timetable to make the most out of it.

The rate at which the students learn skills differ. Regardless of the time you have given to each of your students, one can receive extra levels in swordsmanship, and the other doesn’t.

This can assist you in determining the acceptable class of individual students. These are all the Certification Exams you can partake in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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