Fire Emblem Engage Fogado: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

In Fire Emblem Engage, Fogado is the first prince of Solm that belongs to the Cavalry unit. He is the brother of Princess Timerra who is the crown princess of Solm. You are in the right place if you want to recruit Fogado and have a look at his skills and abilities in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to recruit Fogado in Fire Emblem Engage

Recruiting Fogado is very simple and does not require any effort. Fogado along with Pandreo and Bunet will automatically join your team ranks at the beginning of Chapter 12: The Sentinels. Therefore, starting and finishing chapter 12 will recruit Fogado in FE Engage.

Best class

The starting class of the Fogado is the Cavalry. With the A Proficiency, Warrior is the best class you can opt for Fogado. Using this class, Alear can be an expert in the bows as well as exes.

Another best class choice for Fogado is Cupido as it aligns with its background as a guard. With the A Proficiency running the bow, Fogado can easily slay enemies from a range.

Personal skill

Fogado lived most of his life carefree as the prince of Solm lacking major fighting skills. With the help of Charmer’s skill, he can inflict Crit-10 damage on the enemies.

Best gifts for Fogado

In Fire Emblem, giving gifts to the other characters will increase the support level. The higher the support level, the higher the friendship and other relationships with Fogado will be.

The gifts like by Fogado are:

  • Dried Meat
  • Desert Marigold
  • Horn
  • Flower Wreath
  • Antler Earrings
  • Playing Cards
  • Landscape Art
  • Lovely Candle
  • Large Plate
  • Spirit Gem

Best Emblems

The best emblems choices for Fogado are Siguard and Leif.

The battle skills of Fogado will be improved if you equip this emblem because of Siguard high spear and lancer techniques. He will also get a boost in mobility needed to get around the battlefield.

Leif’s emblem provides the character with a boost in its native weapon which in Fogado’s case is Bow. He will also inherit the Quadruple Hit ability needed to finish the enemies.

Fogado stats

As a forgetful prince that was never involved in a head-to-head battle, his base stats of Fogado are still good. The starting stats of Fogado are the following:

  • HP – 33
  • Strength – 12
  • Magic – 7
  • Dexterity – 17
  • Speed – 18
  • Luck – 8
  • Defense – 10
  • Resistance – 11

The final stats of Fogado are comparable to other characters mostly the high speed that can be used to outrun the enemies. The final stats of Fogado are given below:

  • HP – 60
  • Strength – 30
  • Magic – 25
  • Dexterity – 30
  • Speed – 55
  • Luck – 25
  • Defense – 30
  • Resistance – 35

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