Fire Emblem Engage Battle Symbols Explained

Fire Emblem Engage battle symbols are signs or icons that you will see while fighting different units in the game. These signs warn you about any weapon or advantage your opponent unit has in the battle. The game creators have decided on many mechanics to make your journeys amazing.

All these mechanics on one side make FE Engage one of the best tactical action games; on the other hand, it may be pretty confusing for new players. Fortunately, the game does not leave players helpless. Different battle symbols pop out throughout battles in Fire Emblem Engage so it is crucial that players understand what each battle symbol means.

What do the different battle symbols mean in Fire Emblem Engage

While early on in FE Engage, you will not really have to worry about the various battle symbols. However, as you progress, things become tough. In later chapters of FE Engage, you will regularly encounter enemies with different battle symbols next to their icons. Understanding what each symbol means is crucial as it will help you decide which units to focus on first and which ones to leave for later.

Below is a breakdown of all the major battle icons you will see in Fire Emblem Engage and what each of these icons mean on the battlefield.

Yellow exclamation mark

In FE Engage, players must be more cautious if yellow exclamation marks appear. The yellow exclamation mark in Fire Emblem Engage is perhaps the one symbol that most players will be wondering about.

This mark warns players that the enemy units have a Killer Weapon. Killer weapons are very dangerous and add 30% crit to physical attacks; therefore, any Yellow exclamation attack from the enemy’s side can quickly bring your HP to zero and eliminate your unit. There are four such weapons in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Killing Edge
  • Killer Lance
  • Killer Axe
  • Killer Bow

The good news for players is that these weapons don’t have any great stat other than the crit hit rate. Thus, players can still play around such enemies with high-defense allies or by simply staying out of their range. Players can also Break these weapons with the hard-hitting unit.

You should pick a unit that can compete equally to deal with such enemies. A unit with a Thunder Tome or a 3-range attacker is a good option, as they can easily break these weapons because of their hard-hitting skills.

Therefore, these critical hits can bring no harm to you if you have a high defensive stat, just don’t forget to check the enemy’s skills before the attack.

Purple exclamation mark

A purple exclamation mark in FE Engage is tied to the weapon triangle system and represents that the enemy has some weapon that is strong against your unit type, i.e., a bow against flying units.

In case your enemy has both a killer weapon and a weapon against which your unit is really weak, the game will only show a Purple exclamation mark; therefore, whenever this mark appears, players should check by themselves if the enemy has the killer weapon or not.

A quick way to be safe against the enemy whenever this purple mark appears is to look into your available units and play with one which is not weak against that weapon; however, if all your enemies are weak against it, then you should pick up one that is weakest, so at least you have the stronger one for the later game.

Purple skull

Another symbol that you will see is FE Engage purple skull. This symbol represents that a unit you are playing with has a poison status effect. The poison status effect can be of great benefit to bring down enemies as they take more damage per hit.

However, this effect applies to the player’s unit as well; therefore, its too much use should always be avoided. This effect, once taken, can only be cured with the help of Restore staff or Antitoxin.

Green pouch

This symbol represents that the enemy’s unit is holding some item. Players can therefore plan to snatch that item from the enemy’s hand and use it to their advantage. 

When this symbol appears, routing your unit will give you that item from the enemy. However, some items can’t be taken even if you order your units to focus on that enemy. These items include the Revival stone, which all the bosses hold and can fully restore the HP. I know this is sad, but this is how it is.

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