Final Fantasy 16 Trial And Error Walkthrough 

In the Trial and Error side quest, you are going to be inspecting a new recruit with Nazaire in Final Fantasy 16.

Trial and Error is another side quest in Final Fantasy 16 that can help you gain new rewards and experience.

In this particular side quest, you are going to be inspecting a new recruit. When you have started the main quest, Back to Their Origin, in FF16, speak with Cursebreaker Nazaire beside the path leading to the boarding deck.

He will tell you about a new recruit coming over that is now free from his bearer bonds. Nazaire inspects new recruits when they want to start Cursebreaking but he insists to work for them as a Scout.

These are mostly inspected by Gav. But because Gav accompanies Clive where ever he goes, Nazaire thought it would be better to ask you for help in recruiting the boy. When you agree to help him, the quest will start.

How to complete Trial and Error in FF16 

After the dialogue with Nazaire, he will ask you to meet him at Northreach when you are ready. You can reach the Northreach area by fast traveling to it.

When you reach the town square, head south towards the southern gate and they will be standing just out of the town square. This is shown on the map above in the yellow circle.

Talk to Nazaire at Northreach

Kicking starting the Trial and Error side quest in Final Fantasy 16; when you approach and talk to Nazaire, he will introduce you to Ember the scout.

The scout will tell you that he wanted to be a scout and knows the dangers in this profession because he was discovered and freed from his bonds by Gav. He too wants to be an expert scout like Gav and help other bearers like him.

For his test, Nazaire will ask him to get the log book from the Eastwatch Imperial Lookout. The Imperial lookout is heavily guarded and he will need to sneak into the facility, take the log book, and formulate an escape without anyone finding him. If he is found, he will be captured and thrown in the prison of the lookout.

Travel to Eastwatch

Nazaire will ask you to keep a lookout for the boy so that he does not get into trouble. You will need to go and enter the Eastwatch lookout which is a long walk with multiple enemies on the way, so mount on your Chocobo to get to the fort quickly.

When you reach the gate of Eastwatch, you will hear a scream of the recruit. It appears that he has found himself in trouble when he entered the lookout.

Confront Tot Aevis

When you look to see what is going on, you will find Ember being confronted by a Tot Aevis. Ember is so scared by the sight of the beast that he doesn’t even draw his sword.

When you jump in, the fight against Tot Aevis will begin as another objective in Trial and Error in Final Fantasy 16. It is a simple and easy beast and you will have no problem in defeating it.

Return to Nazaire to look for Ember

After the fight, you will find that Ember is nowhere to be found. You think that he must have fled back to Nazaire and your next task is to head back to the cursebreaker.

There is a chest near the wall of the Lookout so open it before you go back. You can either ride the Chocobo back to Nazaire or you could fast-travel to Northreach and run towards him.

When you talk to Nazaire, he will say that the boy didn’t return. After a bit of conversation, Ember will be back with the Logbook on him.

During the fight with Tot Aevis, he went back to the fort and searched for the log book as he was tasked. When found, he came back to Northreach to hand it over. Now you will have to decide whether to consider him worthy or not. For that, you will need to go back to Hideaway.

Fast travel to Hideaway and meet Nazaire

When you fast-travel back to Hideaway and go to the same place where you first found the Cursebreaker, Otto will also join in the conversation and tell you that it was his idea to involve you in the evaluation.

You will be prompted by did Amber passed the exam. You can either pass or fail him, it is up to you. After that, the side quest will be completed.

Trial and Error rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Trial and Error side quest is completed when you have the last conversation with Otto and Nazaire. After that, you will be rewarded with.

  • 7200 EXP
  • 800 Gil
  • 40 Renown
  • 1x Breath of Lightning(Pile Drive)

When Tot Aevis is defeated, you will be rewarded as follows.

  • 800 EXP
  • 100 Ability points
  • 400 Gil
  • 1x Dragon Talon
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