Far Cry 5 Alternative Endings Confirmed

Far Cry 5 alternative endings confirmed by Ubisoft in an Interview with SegmentNext. Producer Darryl Long stated that there are indeed alternative endings to Far Cry 5. Similar to Far Cry 4, player’s actions and choices throughout the story mode determine how certain things will pan out.

The ending, of course, will have us permanently deal with Eden’s Gate but how we handle the events leading up to the ending will probably the determine the outcome. Eden’s Gate is pretty different from the likes of Pagan Min and Vaas, according to Long.

We are facing an entire family of nut-jobs who has taken over a town.

In FC5, the antagonist isn’t just one person, it’s a family: The Seed family. The Project at Eden’s Gate is run by Joseph Seed with the help of his siblings – his Heralds: John, Jacob, and Faith. Each of the Heralds plays a unique role in the inner workings of the cult.

Joseph Seed—The Father—is a very different person than Vaas or Pagan Min. He doesn’t display the outright insanity of Vaas, or the cold brutality of Pagan Min. He is someone who truly and strongly believes in his values, that he carries a burden to do what he believes is right even though it is distasteful, difficult, and sometimes horrible. His belief in his cause—his unrelenting faith—is compelling in its sincerity. It gets to the point where players begin to wonder, “What if he’s right?”

Apart from the main storyline, there are plenty of other side activities on offer. However, the new “For Hire” system won’t allow players to share progression in coop missions. Far Cry 5 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Preorders are live at all major retailers.

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