Experience The Witcher 3 First Person Mod With The Newly Surfaced Footage

Although CDPR’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is absolutely fine the way it is; that does not prevent modding community from experimenting with various things – the latest of which is The Witcher 3 first person mod.

While The Witcher 3 does have a first-person view mod on the horseback, but the entire game in first-person is something which has not been seen before!

Skacikpl is currently working on The Witcher 3 first person mod and has released a couple of work-in-progress videos which outline his brilliant work. However, according to Skacikpl, he has encountered a few issues which might prevent the actual release of the said mod.

According to a post made by Skacikpl on the game’s official forums:

What Works

  • Camera attachment directly to the head bone

What Doesn’t

  • Movement is always headed in camera direction, for some reason using FPS camera gives player permanent left turn/lean. – Turns out it’s most likely caused by camera being misaligned on the Yaw axis, though i cannot align it no matter what i try. Neither can i i hack it from the locomotion controller script.
  • Objects very close to the camera disappear. – I can’t fix this, there are variables which determine when to hide player model if it’s too close to the camera, but no such thing exists for other objects.
  • Attachment/body starts to visibly stutter/lag if FPS drops below 60. – Actually not the case, issue is caused by game getting very different headings one after another (trying to turn opposite angles in very short periods of time) which causes visible stuttering. Basically caused by issue #1
  • No mouse controls for the camera at the moment. – Not even sure how to fix this.

Although there are thin chances of the mod being released to public, it is nonetheless impressive to see the results Skacikpl has achieved thus far!

Being one of the most successful games of 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt managed to score most GOTY awards at 251 beating the record held by Sony’s exclusive The Last of Us. The game is scheduled to receive its second major expansion Blood and Wine sometime later this year!

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