How To Drop Items In Elden Ring

If you want to trade with other players or friends in Elden Ring, you need to know how to drop items on the ground.

You need to know how to drop items on the ground in Elden Ring if you are planning to team up with other players (or friends) in multiplayer. This is how you trade with others in the game when not dueling and invading each other.

However, it is easier said than done and there is no dedicated menu for this. Sharing can help a lot when you want items, and your friend has spares they can give to you and vice versa. 

This can also shave down grinding time for certain items as well since you can just ask your friend for them if they have them. 

Now, we will look into how you can share items, what are the things you need to be careful and what items are and aren’t shareable in Elden Ring. 

How to drop items for other players in Elden Ring

To drop items on the ground in Elden Ring, you must first go to the game’s menu and open the inventory. You can do so using the “A” button on Xbox, the “X” button on PlayStation, and the “E” button on PC.  

In the Menu, select the item you want to drop on the ground. Here, in the menu box select the Leave option. Be careful not to select the Discard option because this will remove the item from your inventory instead of dropping it on the ground.

After confirming the option with OK, you will drop items on the ground in Elden Ring. You can drop multiple selected items using the Leave Selected option.  

Your friend can now pick it up from here or you can pick it back if you have dropped it by mistake.  

There are some things you need to keep in mind when sharing with your friends. Firstly, the levels of the items being shared must match the level of the person receiving them. If the level of the equipment is higher than the recipient, then they may not be able to see it.  

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that you can only drop eight items on the ground. If you drop more than eight items, the first item will disappear from the ground. 

What items can you trade in Elden Ring? 

In Elden Ring, you can trade almost anything. This can be very helpful to the recipient because it can help him move through tight corners and difficult bosses easily.

These items are generally available and even if you share them with your friends, you can still find more of them in the world. These items include Talismans, Crafting materials, weapons, armor, ashes of war, consumable runes, and consumable items. 

Other than these items, story materials, spells, enhancements, and other similar items you find in the world related to your story is not allowed to be shared. You’ll have to find them yourself in your respective worlds. 

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