DICE Shuts Down Caspian Border Servers On BF3 PC Beta

The beta is still on so if you haven't tried it yet then there is still time to give it a shot. BF3 Beta will end October 10.

Battlefield 3’s Beta is in full swing and thousands of players are testing its competitive gameplay across the globe. DICE although has announced that Caspian Border Testing on PC is over and they are going to shut down the servers for this map.

Thank you everyone who participated in testing Caspian Border with us during the Open Beta. We of course cherish and appreciate the time you have put into supplying is with good feedback. We will of course read it through and discuss it internally. Testing has now been completed and we are shutting down the Caspian Border servers.

I know there must be several out there who couldn’t play this map but the decision has been made. The beta is still ongoing so if you haven’t got in yet then it’s still not too late.

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