Diablo 2 Resurrected Andariel Boss Guide

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected Andariel Boss guide, we'll be showing you all of Andariel's strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for the fight

Andariel is an Act Boss in Diablo 2 Resurrected. She’s found on level four of Catacombs, and she needs to be defeated for you to complete the Sisters to the Slaughter quest. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Andariel Boss Fight.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Andariel Boss

Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, is one of the four evils featured in this game. In Diablo 2 Resurrected, she is summoned from Hell.

Her responsibility is to guard the Rogue Monastery. She’ll be the main hurdle preventing you from following Diablo to the East. Your job is to defeat her and pursue Diablo.

Defeating Andariel allows you to open up the route to Act Two. You’ll find her in level four of Catacombs. She’ll be the first boss that you’ll encounter in the game.


Here is a list of Stats and the highest Rune this boss can drop based on difficulty.

Below are mentioned the statistics for Andariel at Normal Difficulty.

  • Level: 20
  • Health:1024
  • Experience: 1282
  • Rune Drop: 15/Nef
  • Speed: 8

Below are mentioned the statistics for Andariel at Nightmare Difficulty.

  • Level: 49
  • Health: 24800
  • Experience: 92295
  • Rune Drop: 45/Ko
  • Speed: 8

Following are the stats for Hell level difficulty.

  • Level: 75
  • Health: 60031
  • Experience: 561,066
  • Rune Drop: 69/Lo
  • Speed: 8


All of Andariel’s stats are preset. Therefore she doesn’t get any additional modifiers. However, below are some of her offensive attributes.

Melee Attack
This is a physical+poison attack, which varies with different difficulty levels. For normal level, this attack is 6 to 19+6 over 2.4s, i.e., 2.6/sec. For Nightmare, it is 73 to 90 + 63 over 2.6s, which is 24.2/sec. Finally, for Hell it is 153 to 187 + 493 over 18s, which is 27.4/sec.

Attack Rating
The attack ratings for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell are 169, 1944, and 14231, respectively.

Poison Spray
Just like Melee Attack, this is also a Poison + Physical attack. For Normal difficulty, it is 7 to 10 + 50 to 100 over 16s, i.e. 3.1 to 6.3/sec. For Nightmare, this is 22 to 25 + 215 to 269 over 17.2s, and 12.5 to 15.6 per second.

Lastly, for Hell difficulty, it is 42 to 45 + 470 to 529 over 18.8s, which is (25-28.1/sec)

Poison Sting
This is measured as Poison Dmg, so for Normal difficulty, it is 100-200 over 32s, i.e., 3.1 to 6.3/sec. For Nightmare, this is 473 to 577 over 33.2s i.e, 14.3-17.4/sec. Lastly, for Hell, it is 1013 to 1121 over 34.8s, which is 29.1-32.2 per second.


Unlike other bosses, Andariel does not generate any hit points. However, there are certain factors upon which the Defenses of Andariel are determined. These factors are explained below.

For Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, the defenses are 60, 752, and 1622 respectively.

The blocking percentage is 0%, 20%, and 40%, respectively, for all difficulty levels.

Drain Effectiveness
Drain Effectiveness tells us about the percentage of a particular character’s mana and life steal that applies to the monster. This is 100, 66, and 33, respectively, for the different levels.

Chill Effectiveness
This factor tells us about a character’s cold length percentage that applies to the monster. This is 25, 15, and 0 for the three levels of difficulty, respectively.

Andariel’s Weaknesses

Resistances that are listed above 99% are declared immunities, and the monsters do not take any damage to those attacks.

However, immunities might be broken by skills that can lower resistance if the value drops below 99%.

Below are mentioned Andariel’s Weaknesses at different levels towards different damage types.

The physical damage for Normal level is 0, Fire damage is -50%, Cold damage is 50%, Lightning is 50%, poison is 80%, and Magic is 0.

  • Fire: -50
  • Cold: 50
  • Poison: 80
  • Light: 50
  • Magical: 0
  • Physical: 0

The physical, Fire, Cold, Magic, and Lightning damages are the same as Normal level while the poison damage is reduced to 50%.

  • Fire: -50
  • Cold: 50
  • Poison: 50
  • Light: 50
  • Magical: 0
  • Physical: 0

The physical damage rises to 66%, Fire stays -50%, Cold rises to 66%, and the same goes for Lightning and poison. Magic remains 0 as always.

  • Fire: -50
  • Cold: 66
  • Poison: 66
  • Light: 66
  • Magical: 0
  • Physical: 66

How to Defeat Andariel in D2 Resurrected

Being a poison-based monster, she’s capable of releasing toxic green smoke from her mouth and attacking with her scorpion stingers. She’s a swift monster and will attack you relentlessly without a break.

One weakness that’s important for you to know is the fact that she’s vulnerable to Fire.

Another exciting thing to remember is that Andariel won’t cause much damage to you if you have high poison resistance.

So, an important tip would be to use poison resistance equipment and some antidote potions during the fight. You can also use terrain like the blood lake in the atrium outside her throne room as an obstacle.

You can run around it and buy yourself some time for your healing potion to work.

Andariel’s Drops

Andariel is not a very popular monster when it comes to items. She doesn’t drop much helpful stuff that you might want to chase her for. Moreover, she is not close to any waypoint either.

Once you kill her, she’ll erupt into a geyser of flame and cause an earthquake. Below are mentioned all the weapons and armor items that Andariel might drop.

These are the items that will drop for the Normal Difficulty level.

  • Hsarus’ Iron Stay
  • Hsarus’ Iron Heel
  • Claglaw’s Pincers
  • Berserker’s Headgear
  • Isenhart’s Lightbrand
  • Isenhart’s Horns
  • Berserker’s Hatchet

These items will drop for the players with Nightmare level of difficulty.

  • Hone Sundan
  • Arm of King Leoric
  • Crow Caw
  • Hwanin’s Refuge
  • Witchwild String
  • Plague Bearer
  • Silkweave
  • Natalya’s Soul
  • Gloom’s Trap
  • Tal Rasha’s Fine-Spun Cloth
  • Shaftstop
  • Ghoulhide
  • Trang-Oul’s Claws
  • Tiamat’s Rebuke
  • Coldsteel Eye
  • Darksight Helm
  • Sazabi’s Mental Sheath
  • Soulfeast Tine
  • Iron Pelt
  • Stormrider
  • Pus SpitterStormchaser
  • Spirit Forge
  • The Fetid Sprinkler
  • Warpspear
  • Blackbog’s Sharp
  • Stealskull
  • Headstriker
  • Lance Guard
  • Skills of the Victor
  • Milabrega’s Robe

The below-mentioned weapons and armors will drop for hell-level difficulty for Andariel Boss.

  • Dark Adherent
  • Nosferatu’s Coil
  • Sandstorm Trek
  • Steel Shade
  • Immortal King’s Stone Crusher
  • Corpsemourn
  • Griswold’s Heart

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