DDR5 Memory Coming In 2019, Will Be Twice As Fast As DDR4

The cost of DDR4 memory may have increased dramatically as compared to last year but at least the industry is not at a standstill. Rambus, a company known for developing memory-related tech has announced that they have a function DDR5 memory prototype ready. While the Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council has not made a standard for DDR5 it is being worked on.

DDR5 memory is expected to provide double the data rates as compared to current DDR4. The current standard is capable of delivering 3.2 gigabits per second but the upcoming DDR5 memory will take things to 6.4 gigabits per second and in doing so the memory bandwidth will increase from 25.6 GB/s to 51.2 GB/s.

JEDEC talked about DDR5 memory having a base frequency of 4800 MHz which is a bit of an improvement over the recently announced DDR4-4600 memory kits. According to Luc Seraphin, senior vice president and general manager of Rambus:

“This is the very first silicon-proven memory buffer chip prototype capable of achieving the speeds required for the upcoming DDR5 standard. Data-intensive applications like big data analytics and machine learning will be key drivers for the adoption of DDR5, with enterprise close behind,”

DDR5 memory will not come out before 2019 and even then the new standard will be available for servers before PCs. It is safe to say that DDR5 will become the new standard just like when DDR4 replaced DDR3. Unfortunately, memory price has doubled over the last 12 months and is expected to rise even more.

It will be interesting to see how the new standard will affect gaming keeping in mind that AMD Ryzen CPUs love faster memory. I am sure gamers that want the best of the best cant wait.

Let us know what you think about DDR5 memory and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in.

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