Dark Souls Remastered Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 Vs PS4 Pro

In a video comparison of the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered, seen some really good improvements, in the visuals, the details and especially the frame rates.

Dark Souls Remastered is perhaps one of the most hyped games and it seems to be that everyone is pretty excited for the release. The wait for the game is there, but for those who are a bit worried about the game, we have a comparison between the original Xbox 360 version of the game and the remastered PS4 Pro version.

Courtesy of Resero Network the comparison in the video has helped put a lot of speculations to rest.

The difference is pretty huge, first of all, the frame rates have jumped to a solid 60. So that is really amazing as before in the Xbox 360 version of the game the frame rates went as low as 20 FPS, whereas in comparison to the remastered version of PS4 Pro it has gone up.

Plus the variations in the FPS is not too much in the remastered version whereas the fluctuations in the FPS on the Xbox 360 were pretty often.

Now coming to the details, we can see the details have been greatly enhanced, what seemed like a normal armor now looks pretty detailed with the curves and the shine, the remastered version really looks promising.

In the dungeon comparison, the textures, the wall, the bricks and the flames on the torches are now not only shiny but more detailed and realistic.

When we are on the outside, Dark Souls Remastered takes away your breath, the difference here is also pretty huge, especially the back-draw details are way more visually enhanced and the details of the surrounding environment are pretty crisp.

Of course, the character details are themselves pretty amazing. Next up was the comparison of the horizon and what we can see is that, the developers have added more depth in the mountains and the sky in comparison to 360 version.

That said, the Dark Souls Remastered which is being compared, is the preview build so we can certainly expect more when we see the full version.

Also if you are looking for more details regarding the Dark Souls Remastered, well then you are at the right place we have everything you need to know before you cry.