Dark Souls 3 DLC Release Plans and New Content Discussed by Hidetaka Miyazaki

Hidetaka MIyazaki of From Software has dropped a line or two about Dark Souls 3 DLC release plans as well as the new content that is in store for us.

Clearly, the truly hardcore fans of Dark Souls 3 are done and dusted with everything that From Software had put in the base game. Now it is time to die some more in the expansion packs! Hidetaka Miyazaki is with you on that front, people, and he has been talking about their plans regarding the Dark Souls 3 DLC release schedule too.

Not only that, the veteran game developer also decided to drop a line or two about the first of two downloadable content pack releases that they are in the pipeline.

However, let’s get the release schedules out of the way first. Miyazaki has clearly stated that unlike what was reported some months ago, the first DLC pack is going to be released in autumn 2016 while the fans will have to wait for early 2017″ to get their hands on the last and second DLC.

When asked for information of what surprise was in store for the community, he responded:

I’m not sure I can provide “information” without spilling the “surprise” [laughs]. The only thing I can say now is that we’re planning two DLCs for Dark Souls 3. The first is scheduled for release in autumn of 2016, and the second is scheduled for early 2017.

It also appears that from Software is still a bagful of working hours away from even getting to discuss the second DLC. The first Dark Souls 3 DLC, however, has a boatload of new content to keep folks busy with.

New areas in the same vein as the previous ones, with a backdrop of a new story and a handful of new gear to face new enemies, this sounds like the perfect way to kill a few weeks:

We’re actually still working on the first one. Content-wise, it builds off of the previous titles and will be featuring a new area, enemies, gear, and story. The game story revolves around a new location which I believe will offer a different feel from Dark Souls 3.

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