Brian Bloom Teases Wolfenstein: New Colossus As Upcoming Bethesda Game

Brian Bloom, the voice actor for Wolfenstein's main character B. J. Blazkowicz, has hinted at Wolfenstein: New Colossus as a new Wolfenstein game.

Brian Bloom, the voice actor for everyone’s favorite part-Polish Nazi killer B. J. Blazkowicz, has apparently just leaked the next Bethesda title that’s in development. Taking cues from Bethesda’s director file that showed up at its E3 conference, Wolfenstein: New Colossus may be in development, but is it really?

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Bethesda brought Wolfenstein back into the public consciousness with Wolfenstein: The New Order, which got a great deal of critical acclaim for its old-style shooting and ludicrous action. Bloom had hinted towards the game’s existence in an interview with the magazine Two Left Sticks, bringing up a display that had appeared with the Bethesda conference that included a game called “New Colossus” but that did not have a release date at the time.

If there is a Wolfenstein: New Colossus, it may finally give us an answer about whether B. J. Blazkowicz died at the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order, where he was left in Deathshead’s castle as a nuclear bomb was about to be fired at it.

Considering Bloom is in a position to know about the game (if it’s a new Wolfenstein game), we can only guess that Blazkowicz survived and is ready to keep killing Nazis until the world is free of the empire that came about because of Deathshead’s technology (sure to be much easier now that he’s dead.) Considering how good of a reception the first one got, Bethesda would have to be crazy not to make a sequel.

While we don’t really know if Wolfenstein: New Colossus actually exists (and likely won’t until Bethesda and Zenimax actually make announcements for it), what reason would Brian Bloom have to lie to us? Not to mention Anya’s voice actress also leaked its existence last year.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait until Bethesda’s next E3 showcase at E3 2017 to really see if a new Wolfenstein game will be coming out soon.

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