Blizzard Trademarks “Compete” for an Online eSport System

Blizzard have trademarked the word "Compete" for an online system to help organise, promote, and track eSport events. Though not much else is known.

Blizzard have applied for a new trademark, which may hint at them releasing something new relating to eSports. While the trademark doesn’t really give many clues as to what it could be, taking a closer look at the details does reveal some interesting things.

What we can see from the application is the description of what the “Compete” will be:

“providing an online nondownloadable Internet-based system application featuring technology enabling users to organize and promote e-sports tournaments, to create and customize tournament brackets and ladders, track tournament progress, maintain related statistics, and post results.”

So this hints at some kind of internet tool to organise eSports tournaments. With various eSports jobs also being advertised by Blizzard, could the trademark be hinting at Blizzard showing even more of an interest in eSports?

We already know that Blizzard are heavily invested in these online events. StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone are often played at a professional level and it would make sense that Blizzard are looking to invest more into this area of gaming.

While an organisation tool and the trademark may not really be that interesting for people who just want to play the games, it still raises interest that something is in the works behind the scenes. Whether this will be a tool opened up to the online community or just an internal tool for Blizzard, at this time we can only guess.

Blizzard have had a good week at Gamescom 2015 revealing lots of news for fans of their game. Finally revealing the World of Warcraft expansion, as well as announcements for their other games too.

Does Blizzard showing more interest in eSports intrigue you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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