Black Ops 2 Mob of The Dead Secret Song Easter Egg

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead
Just like the teddy bears in Tranzit and Die Rise, the new Mob of the Dead zombie map includes a series of collectibles that result in an Easter egg. However, this time, instead of stuffed animals you need to locate three cans of oil. This is slightly more difficult as the cans don’t particularly stand out in the dark, dirty and gritty environments of the level.

For that exact reason, we here at SegmentNext have very graciously decided to assist you in locating these troublesome fossil fuels. Aren’t we the best?

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To unlock the Easter egg, you need to stand right in front of the oil cans and interact with them (there will be a notification). Activating all three cans will reward you with the Johnny Cash song, ‘Rusty Cage’ playing in the background.

The first oil can is found inside the library, in the back right corner. Look on the shelves in order to find it.

You’ll find the second oil can in the infirmary on the way to the roof. Look on the desk for a can leaning against the wall, across from the bath tubs.

For the final item you need to head outside on the dock with the boat. Search around here for a Tommy Gun purchase location on the outer wall and turn left. Straight down, follow the chain link fence to find a can hidden behind a tall wooden crate.

Collect all three and you should hear the music. Nice huh?

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