Black Ops 2 – Mob of the Dead: How to Play the Rusty Cage Easter Egg Song

Find three bottles to hear Johnny Cash’s melodious masterpiece.

Just like the teddy bears in Tranzit and Die Rise, the Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead zombie map includes a series of collectibles that are part of an Easter egg. However, instead of stuffed animals, you need to locate three whisky bottles.

This is slightly more difficult as the bottles don’t particularly stand out in the dark, dirty, and gritty environments. In this guide, you will learn how to solve the hidden Easter egg to play the Rusty Cage song in Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead.

Where to Find all the Whisky Bottles in Mob of the Dead

As stated earlier, there are a total of three whisky bottles to be found, all situated in different map areas. Below is the precise in-game location for each of these in Mob of the Dead song Easter egg.

Bottle #1 – Next to Spawn

The first bottle is right at the spawn, inside the room with open windows. This is also where you find the Olympia Shotgun. Look at the back right corner of the room to spot the bottle on the shelves.

Bottle #2 – At the Docks

For the second bottle, head to the docks using the gondola. Search around here for a Tommy Gun purchase location on the outer wall and turn left. Go straight down and follow the chain link fence to find a bottle between the fence and the wooden crate.

Bottle #3 – In the Infirmary

You’ll find the third and final whisky bottle in the infirmary on the way to the roof. Look for a bottle on the desk leaning against the wall, across from the bathtubs.

How to play the Rusty Cage Song in Mob of the Dead

All you have to do is stand in front of the whisky bottle and interact with it by pressing X on your Xbox Controller (or corresponding keys on other platforms). You will hear an eerie sound, indicating that you can proceed to the next location.

By activating all three bottles one by one, you will solve the Easter egg and eventually play Johnny Cash’s cover of the song, ‘Rusty Cage’.

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