Beyond Good And Evil 2 “Merchant MotherShip” Revealed

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is still in early development and Ubisoft has been sharing new details about the game and this time the studio has revealed and detailed the Merchant Mothership that players will want to get their hands in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The Merchant Mothership, which you can see in the image below, looks really cool in Beyond Good and Evil 2 and as Ubisoft describes it, those who have glimpsed the ship from the inside don’t live to tell the tale and rumors are its trades slaves in the black market.

Some say it transports storied treasures, rare cosmic resources and luxurious stolen goods from around the System. Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market…

Ubisoft is putting all of its efforts to make Beyond Good And Evil 2 to live up to the expectations and to achieve that the studio has developed an entirely new game engine for it. Creative director Michel Ancel had a very specific vision and to achieve that vision they have developed a completely new game engine.

French Studios managing director Xavier Poix added that the game had to be enormous and that is why they created Voyager that has enabled the studio to give players a feeling of traveling in space and they have been working on this tech for last 3 years.

Recently, the studio also revealed a new artwork for the game which showcases a humanoid panda holding a cup of tea in his hands. The artwork is accompanied by a caption “Quiet Force”, probably hinting towards the character’s intimidating personality.

Also, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the company is not concerned with the game’s success as there is not much risk behind the project.

No release date and platforms have been revealed for the upcoming Beyond Good And Evil 2.

Source: BGEgame

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