Battlefield 4 Active Users Are More Than Hardline and Battlefront

Battlefield 4 is one of those games which is famous among players even years after launch. A comparison shows that Battlefield 4 active users still strong.

Battlefield 4 is one of those games which is played by gamers intensively even after years of launch. A recent comparison shows that Battlefield 4 active users are more than recently released EA shooters.

According to the survey Battlefield 4 is being played more frequently by gamers as compared to other shooters released by EA. According to the stats, Battlefield 4 is more popular than the recently released Star Wars Battlefront and it is way more popular than Battlefield Hardline as there are five times more active players on Battlefield 4 than Hardline.

Despite that Battlefront was released almost six months ago, it has far less players than Battlefield 4 and the game right now is still actively supported with DLC coming next month.

It looks much worse for Battlefield Hardline which was released 18 moths after the launch of Battlefield 4 and barely manages to get 25,000 active players according to data.

Data analyzed from EA multiplayer servers reveals that Battlefield 4 active users are 125,000 on average in 24 hours, while battlefront has just 80,000 active players on average in 24 hours.

Battlefront was a bestseller for EA, selling over 13 million units, but the data shows that players have lost interest in the game may be due to lack of true multiplayer content.

On the other hand Battlefield 4 was supported well by DICE and EA with new content and updates. However, it is important to note that all of the contents and updates have been released for the game but still in manages to attract a lot of active users.

Battlefield 4 is a first person shooter released for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4, also EA has confirmed that Battlefield 5 will release this year.

Source: B4F Central

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