Batman: Arkham City Wonder City Riddle Solutions

Answering all the riddles of Wonder City.

Riddles were presented to Batman as a part of the Riddler’s Challenge in Batman: Wonder City. To complete the challenge, you need to solve the Riddles by using the clues found under Riddler’s menu 

Wonder City has 6 riddles that you need to answer. And while the number may seem low, the riddles are crafted with tricky words and well-hidden answers, making them difficult to decipher.

This is why in this guide we have compiled the solution to all the riddles of Wonder City so let’s get started.

How to solve all Wonder City riddles in Batman: Arkham City

Riddle #1: Crime is a global issue, Batman. You’ll never stop it.

Head down to Wonder Tower Foundations and scan the globe in the center of the room to complete the riddle.

Riddle #2: Read all about it! Is this the end of the Times?

From the entrance of Wonder City, head down the path till you reach the Wonder City sign. Turn right from there and scan the “Wonder City Shutdown” sign in the corner to solve the Riddler Challenge.

Riddle #3: Wanted: Dead…and alive?!

Enter through the hole in the wall, left of the Temple of Wonder City gate. Exit out the hatch at the end of the tunnel and turn right. Scan the Solomon Grundy Wanted poster to get the solution to the Riddle.

Riddle #4: Do these demonic twins pose a threat?

Exit out the same tunnel as the previous Riddle and instead of turning right, enter through the brown door straight ahead. There are two large statues guarding the next door, scan them to solve the Riddle.

Riddle #5: Where can you get a wonderful view of the past?

Using the Wonder City elevator, go up to the Observation Deck on the top floor of the Tower. There is an old sketch of Gotham City just as you step out of the elevator. Scan it to complete the Riddle.

Riddle #6: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective. Can you get yourself there?

To solve this Wonder City Riddle, you need to piece together the parts in Detective Mode to form a question mark symbol in Batman: Arkham City. You will find this mark on the northern side of Wonder Tower.

To be able to scan it, head up to the Observation Deck of Wonder Tower. Enter through the Do Not Door and climb the edges till you see a ledge behind the Tower that you can drop onto.

Grapple up to the upper level and jump onto the metal railing on your left. Follow it around the Tower and then grapple up to the ladder and follow it inside.

Go to the very back and exit out the right side onto the antenna pole. Follow the tightrope across to the next pole.

The question mark will now be in front of you. Activate your Detective Mode and jump down while facing the question mark to solve the Riddler Challenge.

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