Batman: Arkham Asylum Freeflow Perfection Achievement Guide

Pulling off the perfect Batman combo.

“Freeflow Perfection” is probably one of the most difficult combat-related achievements to unlock in Batman: Arkham Asylum. This is because you have to perform every single one of Batman’s attack moves in a single combo without getting hit. Does that sound easy to you? It is not.

Considering that the game has always been hailed for its amazing freeflow combat mechanics, it reasons that you should know how to pull off the perfect combo.

We are here to help you do just that by pointing out what gadgets and upgrades you need, and the best location to go to practice your Freeflow combat in Gotham City.

How to unlock Freeflow Perfection in Batman: Arkham Asylum

There are nine different moves that you need to perform in a single combo without getting hit. This can be done in any play mode to unlock the Freeflow Perfection achievement.

The moves that you need to do are as follows in no specific order:

  • Batarang – hit an enemy with a Batarang.
  • Batclaw – grab and pull up an enemy with the Batclaw.
  • Counter – counter an enemy attack.
  • Evade – jump over an enemy.
  • Strike – punch or kick an enemy.
  • Stun – stun an enemy with your cape.
  • Ground Takedown – can only be done on enemies lying on the ground.
  • Standing Takedown – can only be done with a yellow combo meter.
  • Throw – can only be done with a yellow combo meter.


If you get hit before doing all nine moves, you need to start all over.


There are also a few upgrades and gadgets that you need to have before attempting to unlock Freeflow Perfection in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Some of these upgrades are mandatory while the others will make it easier for you to unlock the achievement.

  • Batclaw.
  • Batarang Combo – continue your combo by throwing Batarangs.
  • Takedown Upgrade – perform an instant takedown.
  • Throw Upgrade – perform an unblockable throw.
  • Combo Meter Upgrade – reduces your combo meter requirements from x8 to x5.

The last upgrade is not really needed, but reducing your combo requirements will make it a lot easier and faster to execute most of your moves.

Once you are ready, follow the sequence of attacks below on a group of enemies to unlock your Freeflow Perfection achievement in Batman: Arkham Asylum. You can alter them as you wish.

  • Use the Batclaw and hit an enemy. (1)
  • Counter the attack from the second enemy and evade. (3)
  • Start punching to keep your combo meter up. (4)
  • When your meter hits yellow, throw an enemy. (5)
  • Then use your cape to stun the enemy behind you. (6)
  • Keep chaining attacks to maintain your combo meter.
  • Then execute a Standing Takedown. (7)
  • Evade to avoid getting hit.
  • Throw a fully upgraded Batarang to knock down an enemy. (8)
  • Execute a Ground Takedown on him to complete the perfect combo. (9)


You can keep evading and still keep your combo meter points.

The best location for Freeflow combat

You need to find a large enough area with plenty of enemies for the Freeflow Perfection in Batman: Arkham Asylum. We recommend playing the third and fourth rounds of the first challenge map. They have the right amount of basic enemies that do not include any enemies with knives or stun batons.

You can also wait until the end of the story campaign, right before your final confrontation with the Joker. There will be several thugs “throwing a party” at the location marked on the map below.

The thugs will not attack you, but hitting them will start a fight. So make sure to save your game here and then position yourself to do all nine moves in a single combo for the achievement. If you fail, simply reload from the last checkpoint and try again.


Beating all the party thugs also unlocks the “Party Pooper” missable achievement.

This is also an excellent opportunity to unlock the Freeflow Combo 40 achievement in which you have to achieve a x40 combo meter.

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