Avalanche Studios is Moving Past Just Cause, Possible Battle Royale Game in Development

Avalanche Studios is working on a new game and is looking for 12 actors to scan for its open world title. It seems the game could be an open world Battle Royale game.

The creator of Just Cause, Avalanche Studios, is currently working on a new game. The developer is not announcing what the project is about but made it clear that it isn’t Just Cause. The developer is looking to scan 12 characters for its game and for that, the studio is looking for 12 individuals.

Those interested can apply for the position by March 30. They are looking for young adults between the age of 18-25 for an open world game. Reading their post, one can’t help but consider the possibility of Avalanche’s take on a battle royale game.

The game seems to be in very early stages of development but the title is going to be created in “true Avalanche Studios fashion,” according to the post.

At Avalanche Studios, we’re hard at work developing our next, as of yet unannounced, self-published title. We can’t say much about the game itself (or we’d have to kill you), but it will be created in true Avalanche Studios fashion and offer players tons of our trademark emergent, open-world action. In the game you will play as a young adult, whom we will bring to life using cutting-edge face scanning technology.

We are now looking for 12 adults, ages 18-25, to become the faces of our in-game characters. Not only will the 12 chosen ones have their likeness be visible in the game for years to come – played and enjoyed by gamers worldwide – but they will also get a chance to visit the studio. During the day, they’ll meet he development team, scan their faces, have lunch and fika (the latter is a cornerstone of the Swedish diet) and most importantly – get a bit of insight into how the magic of game development happens.

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Source: Avalanche

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