Arma 2 DayZ Mod – How To Hunt and Cook

Hunting and Cooking are crucial to your survival in DayZ Mod of Arma 2. Find out how you can effectively hunt and cook for yourself in this guide.

When you are up against zombies, survival is everything. In DayZ mode, you will have to hunt down animals, especially when you are roaming in the non-populated areas.

Killing animals won’t be enough as you will also have to cook it before consumption. If you don’t know about the cooking recipe, worry not as the following guide will assist you in harnessing food from animals.

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Required Materials for Hunting

When you go on hunting, you will be requiring the following materials:

  • Hunting Knife
  • Box of Matches or lit Oil Barrel
  • Hatchet or a Wood Pile
  • A Weapon to kill animals

Now, let’s proceed with hunting procedure step wise:

How To Hunt and Cook

Collect Raw Meat
Raw meat can be obtained from the roaming animals in the area. Depending on the size, different animals will give you a different amount of meat.

  • Rabbit = 1 meat
  • Chicken = 1 meat
  • Goat = 3 meat
  • Boar = 4 meat
  • Sheep = 5 meat
  • Cow = 8 meat

You can use a gun or a melee weapon to kill the wandering animals. Once the animal is down, you can loot it for meat.

Create a Fire
After you have the meat, you need to lit a fire to cook the food. The materials you need are match box and a wood pile.

You can obtain wood as loot in rural buildings or inside barns. You can also use the hatchet to obtain wood from trees.

To be on the safe side, use the hatchet only in an area with abundant trees. Once you have the wood, you can click on the match box to lit the fire.

If you don’t have the match box, you can use the oil barrel to lit the fire. Just click the option and the fire will be lit.

Meat Cooking
Once the fire is up, move your meat in the active inventory. Make sure that the meat is not in the bag as meat in the bag will not be cooked.

Select the “cook meat” options (using the mouse) to start cooking. You may have to repeat the procedure depending upon the amount of you have.

After you have cooked the meat, don’t forget to put out the fire if you don’t want to attract zombies and other survivors.

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