Ark Ragnarok Baryonyx Location and Taming Guide

This guide will help you in taming a Baryonyx of your own in Ark Ragnarok and building a mobile base on its back.

Baryonyx is a tamable dinosaur you’ll encounter in Ark Ragnarok. Even though it isn’t as strong as other deep-sea carnivores like Spinosaurus, Baryonyx is a very quick swimmer and is nonetheless agile enough to pose a danger to the majority of species on the Island. It is a fierce hunter that, unless its torpor level becomes too high, will follow its victim until it dies.

If you are interested in taming a Baryonyx of your own in Ark Ragnarok and building a mobile base on its back, this guide will provide you with its location on the Ragnarok map and explain how to tame the Baryonyx.

Ark Baryonyx Location

Given that seafood constitutes the majority of the Baryonyx’s food, it typically dwells close to aquatic bodies. It is believed that although it is a very skilled swimmer and occasionally has to go underwater to acquire its food, its long claws can also be used to capture animals on land.

A Baryonyx drops Hide and Raw Meat. The general spawn map for Baryonyx is given below:

Ark Ragnarok Baryonyx Location

How to Tame a Baryonyx

Due to the Baryonyx’s inherent inclination for water hunting, it may adapt to murder marine inhabitants even more effectively if domesticated. Baryonyx is the perfect pick for someone interested in often switching between water and ground transportation and who prioritizes swiftness and agility above sheer power.


Except for its crocodile-like skull and extended limbs with huge claws, Baryonyx looks like a normal mid-sized predatory dinosaur. These characteristics are well suited to the dino’s diet of aquatic animals such as fish.

Survivors must construct a trap made of stone walls and a slope to lure a Baryonyx inside the trap to tame it. If you can’t do that, utilize your flyer to find a secure area and start tranquilizing it there.

Following is the list of foods you can use to tame your Baryonyx:

  • Raw Fish Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Fish Meat
  • Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Regular Kibble

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