Amy Henning Could be Working on Star Wars 1313 Revival

Do you remember Star Wars 1313? The title that got canned after one year of development back in 2013? Many of us found it to be something that should be developed completed and release as soon as possible, but LucasFilms Games’ takeover by Disney didn’t let that happen.

Now, we might just have a chance at getting to play the same game again!

You would remember Amy Hennig, the director of Uncharted 4 who left Naughty Dog and joined Visceral Games at EA in April 2014. It was revealed back then that she will be working on a new Star Wars game, though the specific title she is working on was not announced.

According to an interview of hers that got published in the GameInformer magazine, the unannounced Star Wars title is not an open world Han Solo/ Boba Fett game; this was specifically refuted by Hennig.

Next up the magazine itself claims that the game is actually a Star Wars 1313 revival title that would either jumpstart the same project or develop something based on it.

Naturally, we are treating all this as a rumor unless Electronic Arts decides to lift the veil on the matters. Until then, there is no evidence to back the rumor but it would really make a good combination if Amy Hennig’s skills are put to use on something like that.

Star Wars 1313 was actually an open world adventure title that featured a criminal dug out in Coruscant called Level 1313 – no surprises there. Boba Fett was also going to be the protagonist of this one.

Any how, tell us if you would like the game to be revived; or would you want something fresher?

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