30 Days Of Ubisoft Giveaway, Includes Time Limited Offers

30 Days of Ubisoft giveaway will offer players a free game or goody every day for the next month, starting today with Rayman Classic

Continuing the company’s streak of giveaways on account of the company’s 30th anniversary, 30 days of Ubisoft giveaway is another program from the French company which will hand out various games and goodies to players.

Earlier this year, the Ubi30 program was launched as the first Ubisoft giveaway. Through the program, Uplay users were given a free game every month. So far those games have included titles like The Crew, Rayman Legends and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

The monthly giveaway program is supposed to end next month in December.

However, before the final giveaway is revealed, Ubisoft has now decided to start another giveaway program on top of it through which anyone with a Ubisoft account can get a free game or goodies, daily, for a whole month.

The 30 days of Ubisoft giveaway starter just a couple of hours ago and the first game being given for free is the Android and iOS version of Rayman Classic.

A new offer will pop up every day and users just have to click on the offer to register it to their account. In case someone forgets to do it someday, they can always back track and click on any of the previous day’s offer.

This will however be not possible in the case of some of those giveaway offers as Ubisoft has said throughout the month, some deals will pop up which only have a limited quantities available and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Similarly, some offers might also not be available in certain countries due to regional restrictions.

While there is no fixed time for each giveaway’s start, the FAQ mentions that most giveaways will start at 9AM CET while there are some that might begin later at 11AM or 4PM CET to include as many countries as possible and ensure that people don’t miss out on limited quantity giveaways just because of time difference.

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