28 Minutes Of Dragon Ball Fighter Z Gameplay Released From E3

28 minutes of Dragon Ball Fighter Z gameplay have been released after E3, showing us a good bit of gameplay from the Dragon Ball Z fighting game.

28 full minutes of Dragon Ball Fighter Z gameplay recorded at E3 has been released onto the internet, giving us a good look at what we’ll be getting when that game comes out next year. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a Dragon Ball Z fighting game published by Arc System Works.

Arc System Works is the same developer behind the Guilty Gear series of fighting games, but for now they’re apparently turning their attention to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball hasn’t gotten an official fighting game in a good number of years, and while Xenoverse and its sequel may have tided people over for a while, the spectacle of Fighter Z may be just what the franchise needs.

From what we can tell in the Dragon Ball Fighter Z gameplay, players will be fighting in a 2D space, rather than a 3D one as the last few Dragon Ball Z games have done during fights. Players will also be able to pick at least three characters per team, allowing them to switch in and out as necessary.

The gameplay looks amazing as well, being fast-paced and full of spectacle as the characters in combat not only punch and kick at typical Dragon Ball speeds, but also make use of ki blasts that fill the entire screen. All of that, coupled with the amazing artwork typical of Arc System Works, makes the game seem like it’ll be one to remember.

There will also be a wide variety of both heroes and villains in the game. In the Dragon Ball Fighter Z gameplay video we can see that Cell, Freiza, and Majin Buu are already part of the villain roster, though there will most likely be more. On the hero side we’ve got Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, though Future Trunks has also been confirmed to be in the game’s roster.

The game will be multiplatform, with even a Switch version coming if there’s enough demand for one.

Take a look at the gameplay for yourself further up the page.

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