Best Social Communities for Gamers to Hang Out!

These are some of the best and maybe unknown social communities for gamers to hang out for discussions, troubleshooting, and sharing ideas.

Gaming has been socialized on a large scale and players from around the globe now can interact with each other easily as cheaper and faster connectivity has been introduced with the progression of time. There are tons of social gaming communities for gamers out there today where gamers from all over the world come and share everything they have got with others including videos, pictures, cheats, and walkthroughs.

I have compiled a list containing online gaming social networks today that are relatively unknown as of now. If you are a passionate gamer then all these communities will be of great interest as gaming without social interaction is flavorless.

1. GameTracker
With 1,044,822 and more users, GameTracker is one of the most popular gaming communities on the web today. Their stat tracking system is what makes them special.

Hundreds of servers’ IPs of different games are found in their database. Real-time stats are updated daily and displayed in the players’ profiles. An active forum, downloadable content and several other features make it a unique social platform for gamers.

2. Moby Games
It’s a social community primarily designed for all the gaming gossip out there. Video Game reviews, news, and updates are core to this community.

There is an active forum with daily polls and games are ranked regularly on the basis of their popularity and quality.

3. Giant Bomb
Whatever gaming platform you like, Giant Bomb has several things to explore. News, reviews, features, and videos of all the latest games are the reasons you should join this platform. They also have an active forum for any gaming discussion.

4. Gamer Vision
This social platform promotes user-created video games with all other basic features of a gaming community i.e. blogs, forums, news, updates, and reviews, etc. All gaming platforms are discussed here equally.

5. Koinup
If you are a virtual world game fan then this community has a lot for you. You can play different virtual world games and share your views about them. Players can upload their own games and add-ons to share them with others.

6. Doof
If you like to play flash games online (browser-based) then Doof is the community you may like as you can find many interesting browsers based games here to play with your friends.

They have a wide range of game categories so you will not get boring that easily.

7. Glinkster
It’s a social network basically designed on the concept of social news websites like “Digg” etc. You can share any information about games just by using “Glink it” button like “Digg it” in “Digg”. You can also tag gamers using the tagging option.

8. Come2Play
Come2Play is a socially optimized platform where many flashed based and browser-based games. You can also download these games free of cost.

There are various game genres to choose from and many of them have decent graphics although are flash-based.

9. CasualCollective
Here you can play different games, share your views with others and compete with other community members. Radio listening is a unique feature introduced by them.

There is also an option for live chat so that you can chat with you buddies instantaneously.

10. Reddit
Reddit is one of the biggest platforms for gamers to socialize. Games make subreddit for players to complete different purposes. Anyone can make and handle a subreddit.

Games make these subreddits for players all around to chat and discuss the game. If there is something particularly difficult in a game then players also put their suggestions and walkthroughs in order to help other players with it.

The quality of the subreddit depends on who is authorizing the subreddit. All these subreddit are from independent gaming communities and on combining, they make up Reddit.

11. Discord
Anyone can make a serves in this app. These serves are divided into channels and depending on which channels the maker wants, the server is set up.

Channels may include texting, voice calls or video calls. Some games make Discord bots that include other features in the channels like badges, levels, music, reputation systems, and customizable profile.

Gamers meet each other on this platform, make friends and get familiar with the games they are playing. The app cannot only be downloaded on your PC but on your iOS and Android as well.

12. Jam City
Jam City is more of a platform for games than gaming communities. You can find games of the most famous franchises here like Harry Potter, Marvel or Family.

Then it also supports the most highest-grossing games for mobiles like Cookie Jam and Panda Pop.

13. GreenMan Gaming
It is a platform for games and its publishers. You can sell or publish a game on this platform. It offers a totally web-based store that sells digital keys for Steam, Origin, UPlay,, and just about everything else.

The platform has announced its updating and becoming a place where you can watch Twitch streamers by game.

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