How to Gain XP and Increase Legend in Ghost of Tsushima

As Jin takes down more and more Mongols, tales of his exploits as the ghost spreads across the island of Tsushima. The legend of the Ghost is a sort of leveling up mechanic in Ghost of Tsushima and below we have provided everything, you need to know about it and how to increase your legend quickly in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Legend

As you complete missions and you’ll see that you’ll get stronger as your legend increases; A new title will be added to your name and You will also earn Technique points. You can use these technique points on your skill tree.

While the main missions will permit you to advance at a consistent rate, there are different ways that you can step up quicker.

Here is the quickest method to expand Legend and acquire XP in Ghost of Tsushima

There are large red marked icons which are Mongol strongholds, you can kill the enemies there which is a fast way to get more legend.

It’s likewise a smart thought to keep an eye out for random encounters. While they just give a fragment of progress towards your Legend, they are easy to complete with around 4-5 foes to take out.

Also, you’ll be granted with important resources that you can load up on for weapon and armor upgrades.

The least demanding approach to build your Legend across Tsushima is to do Tales. They’re Ghost of Tsushima’s missions which are listed below.

  • Jin’s Journey Tales: It offers a Major Legend Increase by telling the game’s main story.
  • Tales of Tsushima: These side stories increase the legend a lot.
  • Mythic Tales: Mythic Tales give a Moderate Legend Increase since they are special quests that give powerful and unique rewards

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