Is God of War Coming to PC?

Recently, God of War (2018) was delisted as a PlayStation exclusive going by the official website. This led to the speculation that Sony Interactive Entertainment is prepping to bring God of War to PC.

Things are about to get interesting as God of War no longer has the ‘Only on PlayStation’ slogan on the official PlayStation website. This led fans to theorize that the latest game in the franchise will receive the same treatment as Horizon Zero Dawn.

Fans were up in arms about the recent delisting ready to tear apart Sony Interactive Entertainment and the PlayStation platform. For some reason, PlayStation loyalists don’t agree with PS exclusives porting over to PC. When Sony announced that Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to PC, some PS fans were furious.

Though people shouldn’t jump to immediate conclusions at this small of a change. As some people pointed out, God of War never had the ‘Only on PlayStation’ listing. Others think that Sony changed the slogan to rename it as “PlayStation Exclusive”.

This turn of events has sparked a massive online war between PC enthusiasts and PS loyalists. PC gamers would love having the latest God of War game on their platform. That would mean that the master race can enjoy the title at enhanced frame rates and graphics fidelity.

While PlayStation loyalists seem to be getting aggravated at the number of PS exclusives making their way to PC. Fans threatened to throw away their PS4 consoles if this turns out to be true. So what could all of this lead to?

The most likely scenario is that Sony just made an oopsie. Australia’s official God of War page still has the ‘PlayStation Exclusive’ title below the game title. Sony may have just forgotten to put the exclusivity logo under the game title on the U.S version of the God of War page. Or it could just be for the sake of rebranding?

However, games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding had their exclusivity logos removed once they were announced for PC. That means that God of War could actually be coming to PC. If that turns out to be the case we wouldn’t be surprised.

God of War is one of the best-reviewed games of this generation. Sony would heavily profit by bringing this successful IP to PC. Even the game’s director, Cory Balrog supports this notion. Though it could come at the cost of losing some devoted PlayStation followers.

It is clear that Sony will bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC going by their recent track record. God of War would definitely be the first game on many people’s lists to be ported over to the master race platform.