Fire Emblem: Three Houses Certification Exams Guide – Required Level, Tiers

Certification Exams in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are a trial which is compulsory for the students to clear if they want to go to different classes.

The student has to receive remarkable levels in the class key skills to clear them with a greater possibility. In lances as well as horsemanship respectively. the cavalier test can be cleared by minimum C and D levels.

When a character approaches Level 5 the Certification exams are accessible for him/her, which eventually enables the characters to take tests for starter classes’ myrmidon, soldier, fighter, and monk.

Before giving the beginner level test an item known as a Beginner Seal is needed. Seals are gotten as remunerations in dueling rivalries on spare time.

The highest-class tier is master, therefore keep in mind that a Master Seal is needed to take the test.

Improvement of Class

Character Level Unlocked Class Tier
5 Beginner
10 Intermediate
20 Advanced
? Master

Education is the main source through which a student can increases his/her skill level. As a Professor, you have a task to increase the skills of your students by giving them tuition.

Student can likewise be encouraged to study individually with the Set Goals professor command.

They should recommend aims that they desire to follow, that are accepted as well as rejected by you. Guiding is only performed in the duration of weekdays; therefore, it is better that you arrange your timetable to make the most out it.

The rate at which the students learn skills differ. Regardless of the similar amount of time that you have given to each of your students, one can receive extra levels in swordsmanship and the other doesn’t.

This can assist you to determine the acceptable class of individual students. These are all the Certification Exams you can partake in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.