Leaked Super Smash Bros. Blurry Image Might Be Legit After All

For those who have been following the news regarding Super Smash Bros. they would already be aware of the rumors surrounding it. Like the blurry image leak of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bundle that took a lot of attention but many still had their reservations.

Although now it seems like that Super Smash Bros. image just might be legit, at least that is what the newly surfaced information seems to suggest.

In light of the newly surfaced information, a lot more weight has been added to the existing potential leak. Now there are a few things that if put into context, this image then appears to be legit. However, since these are mere speculations based on rumors, so we would recommend you to take them as lightly as you can.

Let us wind our clocks a day back, when the much anticipated Pok√©mon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! Switch console bundle got announced, which also featured the artwork of both of the characters on the Switch docked and the system.

Now alongside the announcement the official images of the console boxes were also released, which will surface at the retail.

Upon looking at them closely on the left side you can observe that there is a mention of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service. Letting the fans know that an online subscription will be necessary to access the online features.

Upon compassion of that blurry image to these released ones, we can find quite a lot of similarity, which point out to the fact that this image might be legit.

There is exactly a same warning on the box of the blurry image to that of the other released image. Even the locations are exact.

Now provided the image was a fake one, we might notice the difference of the positioning and the shape of the red box. As both the image seem pretty similar, most of fans have their bets on the leak being legit.

Putting all that into context, this may seem exciting and all but since it all originates and ends with speculations, so take this with a grain of salt.

Having said that you might have observed, if there is one thing that Nintendo does brilliantly it is being secretive. Did you know that even the development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was top secret to such a level that even people at Nintendo were not aware of it.